7th Grade 101: Syllabus

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Begin by taking these surveys for other 7th grade students:

7th Grade Year

Being A Middle Schooler

The Intern Program

Community at MJS

Mayfield PE and Sports Uniform

Free Dress Days

Activities at MJS

The Intern Program Round 2! :)


The School Pledge

Describe MJS

Surviving 7th Grade

Technology Usage at MJS

After, take next steps:

If you are interviewing, come up with interview questions interview the people you hoped to interview

If you did a survey: Analyze the data from your survey. Did the answers help you make decisions for your project? If not, do you need to do another survey?

Begin a Google Document including things you hope to include in your project from the data.

Monday May 2nd Advisory Task #1

Begin by looking through the attached syllabus samples to see what types of information is put in a syllabus. You should be able to explain what a syllabus is! If not, that's ok. Ask one of your mentor teachers! (Ms. Bonfils, Mrs. Mercado or Ms. Evanilla)

Once you are able to describe in words what a syllabus is, survey a population at MJS (for instance all 7th grade students) OR interview a few people who might be important for getting feedback.

If you are choosing to interview, please draft an email to be approved by Mrs. Mercado, ms Bonfils or Ms. Evanilla. See below for a sample and a picture with interview tips.

If you are planning to survey, come up with questions first. I recommend to not have more than five questions. See the link below for survey tips! Also, consider if you want it to be anonymous or have them include their names. If you decide you want their name, make sure to have that be your first question!

Share the link (do not copy and paste from the top, click share on the left!) and then choose copy link and paste it in the Google Sheet below. Also, how to share a google form correctly is below!

By the end of advisory, you should have either sent your emails or completed the survey and shared it on the google spreadsheet! No exceptions. If not, it is homework due Tuesday!

Sample Formal Email:

Dear Students,

I am writing this information to you in proper email format. Did you notice how I started with a salutation, followed by a comma? Also, I never indent in an email. Formatting doesn’t always transfer. It is best to keep paragraphs short and leave spaces between them. Also, if you are hoping to interview more than one person, please send each email separately.

Start by introducing yourself and describing your project in a sentence or two. End the paragraph with your call to action: you would like to interview the person some time in the next few days.

This paragraph should explain your availability. You are allowed to schedule a meeting time during a recess or lunch or an advisory. I would give them a few options. Emphasize that you are happy to come to their office or classroom for the meeting.

End with a thank you and explain how you are looking forward to hearing from them. Leave extra space, as that was your ending salutation.

Your name

7th grade Student

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