Sea Turtle

Brenda Eguia

About the Sea Turtle

There are various species of sea turtle, you can tell the difference of a sea turtle and a land turtle. Unlike land turtles sea turtles shells are not shaped for the turtle to stick its head and limbs inside the shell. Sea turtles have lungs which mean they breath Air. They last about 5 hours under water then they surface to get some air. The back flippers of the turtle are for steering and the both front are for swimming, it also helps the turtle dive to look for food.


Sea turtles eat different kinds of food depending on which specie of sea turtle it is. Some turtles can be plant eaters such as seaweed, sea grass, algae and others are animal eaters such as crabs, jellyfish, snails, mollusk and shrimp and others both. They eat 2-3 times a day every day.

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Nesting & Reproduction

When it come to laying eggs, female Sea turtles go to land so they can lay their eggs. They most often return to the beach where they hatched from themselves to lay their eggs. Depending on the specie sea turtles can lay from 50-200 white round eggs. To lay them she uses her fins to dig a hole and then lays her eggs in the hole and then she covers her eggs with sand using her fins and returns to sea, they most often go at night to lay the eggs.

Once the babies have been hatched they dig up to surface and head towards the sea where they disappear with the waves. Most often the turtles just follow the sunlight into the sea and they never return unless they are females ready to lay eggs themselves.


Sea turtles are listed as endangered, they have been harmed by litter and oil spills. They also have been caught in fish nets and have been tangled in fishing lines. Also the new hatched turtles have been confused by the light that buildings have been built around the beach and head towards the building instead of the beach.