Teach Different

managing iPad workflow, assessment, and authentic learning

for grades K-2

Tuesday, Jun 11th, 8:30am-4pm

Bridge Point Elementary School

for grades 3-5

Wednesday, Jun 12th, 8:30am-4pm

Bridge Point Elementary School

Sessions Offered (choose 4)

Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the iPad!

Feeling app-ravated by your iPad? Learn the basics of email, accessibility features, iFiles, and Self Service.

Keep Calm and Make it Work

Now that your students have created all of those great projects, how do you get them off of their iPads? Learn how to overcome this hurdle across a variety of applications.

iProject Showcase

iProject showcase of various projects from around the district. Student work will be highlighted. Teachers will be encouraged to share what did and didn’t work for them this year. Take your projects and showcase your ideas in grade level blogs. Learn to use your Weebly website to create your own digital portfolio for students and parents to enjoy.

Teaching Your New Dog Old Tricks

Don’t give up on the tried and true websites that we have been using just because the students are now on iPads! Here are some tips on how all of your students can access those Everyday Math and Stemscopes on their iPads. There are some great ways to use Reading Street, too. Learn how to make these and other district resources iPad friendly.

Technology Cookoff

Collaborate with your colleagues to cook up some great lesson plan recipes for your classroom. Bon Apetit!

Be the First One to Happy Hour!

Want to save time grading? Sick of spending your evenings checking work? Learn how apps like Socrative, Nearpod and Infuse Learning can help!