it's boring

april 30th 2013

today I'm bored in study hall. mostly cause I'm done with my homework and there's nothing to do on the internet. These cookies in the background look really good. now I'm hungry. I'm gonna change it. there we go now I'm not hungry anymore. you see this guy? he's bored too.


Oh, Canada.

Our home and native land.

True patriots love,

On all thy son's command.

With glowing hearts,

We see thee rise,

The true north strong and free.

From far and wide,

Oh Canada we stand on guard for thee.

God, keep our land,

Glorious and free.

Oh Canada we stand on guard for thee.

Oh Canada, we stand on guard, for thee.

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wed. may 1 (MADISON'S BDAY!!!)

well here I am again, bored in study hall. i like this background i chose it's really pretty. anyway the nhl playoffs started last night and my duckies won the first game of their series against the detroit red wings on a beautiful goal by teemu (it was 5 hole btw). I really want one of those stanley cup cakes but I can't find any on the internet. :( I was also quite happy to discover that the kings lost, because, as a ducks fan, I despise the kings with a passion. I like this picture, all the towels glow in the dark :) QUACK!!!
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thursday may 2

I'm bored again. But this time, it's in science. I'm noticing a pattern of when I get bored, It's always 2nd hour and study hall. I'll do more in study hall. So now it's study hall and I'm bored again so I went on pintrest and looked at all my packers pictures and now I'm here. So I was super sad yesterday because Dougie didn't play in the playoff game. You know as cool as it would be for him to win the cup as a rookie I hope that doesn't happen because, number one, I want the ducks to win. Number two I feel like if he wins it when he's 19 he'll have no where to go but down. I saw this on pintrest as well and it's probably the coolest sports gnome I've ever seen.

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friday may 3rd

So today I'm really tired because I stayed up way too late last night listening to the ducks game. In a way I'm glad I stayed up past midnight but at the same time I'm way too tired and I might fall asleep during one of the choirs tonight. We made a sweet comeback in the 3rd period but we still lost. So I had given up somewhere in the 2nd period so I went on the internet and stumbled upon Dustin Penner throwing out his back while eating a "delicious stack" of his now ex-wife's pancakes. That's what happens when you value money over loyalty. Penner, you finally got what you deserve. Best of luck in L.A. These are all my hockey teams, enjoy.

monday may 6th

All I know today is I'm super bummed Dougie isn't gonna win the Calder and I feel great. Happy monday America!!

friday may 10th

So today is Ryan Getzlaf's BIRTHDAY!! I hope the ducks clinch their series tonight cause then I can be like "Ryan I got you playoff win for your birthday" and I wouldn't have to get him anything. Yesterday was Cassy's birthday, which is very important because of course she's pretty awesome. Anyway since it was Cassy's birthday yesterday that also means it was the birthday of the most gorgeous hockey player I've ever seen, SCOTTY!!! :) :) This weekend we're gonna drive to North Carolina to surprise him. He'll be all "OMG guys I missed you so much! I'm soooo glad you came!!" and we'll be all "We wouldn't miss an occasion as important as your birthday!!" and he's be like "Awww I love you guys".

Monday May 20th

So today Madison and I solidified our place as the awesomest freshmen in the history of the Williamsburg high school band. Warren was like, "freshies, go do the chairs!", and we were like "um, no. We're doing the stands, you can do the chairs", and then he left and we finished the stands. It was pretty awesome. Ya know, I can't get over how gorgeous Scott is, seriously, it's ridiculous.

wed. may 22nd

Well, I've decided that I'm every time I do this on the fourth day of the week I'm going to use the abbreviation wed. on account of the fact that I apparently cannot spell the word wednsday. To make matters worse, spell check is not helping me at all. Speaking of terrible spelling, today in health when we were playing jeopardy, Cheyenne was writing for my team. 'Nuff said. On a different note last night I watched game three between the Boston Bruins and the New York Rangers in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. My boy Dougie has a ginger beard and it is freaking adorable. It was a good old school game, lots of excitement, with an added boost of having lots of accidental high sticking calls, resulting in quite a few bleeding players. Check out the blood on Patrice Bergeron's jersey during his post game interview with Pierre. Why does everyone hate on Pierre? I'll never understand.
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Tuesday May 28th

HELLO!! So today instead of being bored in one of the usual classes, I'm in math. The reason for this is that I have an A in math so I don't have to take the final exam, therefore, I'm goofing off. Today has been an interesting day, I might have lime disease. Man I have had quite a year, first I got HIV in health and now I have lime disease in swimming. :( Well anyway we told Jes Dawg and he seemed to believe us so that's pretty funny. Todays quote of the day is by Madison: eh hem "who da fucale is dat?"

Friday August 23

Ok! Well, were back at school and due to the fact that we are doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for the third day in a row in Word Processing, I decided to start doing my blog thing again. I hope you have noticed by now that I changed the background of the page because the other one was too "freshman". Yeah, well, anyway I think we should sit like we did today in band everyday cause it was really fun. Then we saw Stetson's brother Sawyer in a marching band uniform and he was adorable and I think Megan's gonna send me a picture. We have band camp tomorrow, and then awards. I hope I finally get the best freshman award. That would be AMAZING!!
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A Eulogy of Connor Crisp

I, Dani Stolze, with the power invested in me by the the city of Little Dangleton, declare today, September 10th, 2013, to be a day of mourning. We, of course, are mourning the beloved Connor Crisp, and the not so beloved, (I don't know his first name) McDowell. As you well know, Crispy has departed the Erie Otters, for a team called the Sudbury Wolves. Crispy was indeed an asset for this Erie team. We could always count on him to get the guys pumped up, whether it be by fighting, or by coming up with a great play when we needed it. Yes, Crispy was a bright spot on a not so great team. But perhaps Connor's best moment as an Otter was when he was forced to play goalie against the Niagara Ice Dogs. Crispy not only performed well above anyone's expectations, but he made everyone in the building proud. It was one of those moments where I've been proud to be a hockey player. Not to mention that Connor was a proud member of the Three Connors. But now the Three Connors are no more, and we are left with only two people named Connor. Crispy will be missed not only for his dynamic and sometimes over-the-top play on the ice, but also for his beautiful hair and awesome nickname. I can't wait to see you in Montreal next year Crispy. You will be missed.