Friday Review

Friday, December 8, 2017

Thoughts from Mrs. Lewis....

  • Beginning Monday, December 11, students that receive a bounce, ISS or OSS referral will not be able to participate in our school event, "The Spartan Variety Show" scheduled for Monday, December 18th at 2:15. Please announce to students.
  • TEACHER MOVEMENT: Please be reminded that at no time should we be sitting while instructing or while students are working independently. It is vital that we are up monitoring students and using all opportunities to assist them while working. Thanks!
  • Instructional Rounds: We will be conducting instructional rounds the week of December 11 - 15. Please use this week to visit the following classrooms to view the different components of Learning Focused.
  • Kudos to Mrs. Tiffany Spencer and Mr. Andrew Wedlock for their December debut in the SCS's PD Smore!!!! Keep making Spring Hill famous. If you have Learning Focused elements that we can highlight, see Ms. E. Johnson.

  • Failing Rates - Please be mindful of the percentage of students that are failing your class. Are students allowed to retake quizzes/tests they have failed? Does your instruction match the learning styles of the majority of your students?

  • ***IT is an expectation that planning takes place each week and that all teachers are present and all time. Even if you are 2 weeks ahead, planning should take place each week for the entire time.

  • We are currently looking at a tutoring model that takes place during the day with our own teachers. We have a committee that is looking at details and coming up with a plan. This will begin 2nd semester. Stay tuned.

  • Learning Focused Coaching Tips: Vocabulary Displays - without words students will not be able to read or write about content. Every grade level should have a content Word Wall. Focus on what words need the most instruction or support. Try suggesting: Breaking words apart using affixes and roots; Color coding important words by concepts so students can write by connecting them; Keep words current (do not keep up words long past the concept); Archive words from earlier concepts in personal vocabulary dictionaries / notebooks

What's New?

Shout Outs

  • Shout out to Mrs. Motz for all of her work in maintaining the 7th grade EC caseload and mentoring our new EC teachers. You are amazing!
  • Shout out to Jamie Bream for being the guest director at the Moore County All-County Band concert. And shout out to Mr. Bream for an amazing Winter Band Concert this week!
  • Thank you Dan Hersey for joining the Sunshine Club!

  • Congratulations to Mr. Wedlock who will be featured in the district's technology Newsletter. There is always something "technology" going on in his room!

  • Shout outs to 2 staff members that were highlighted in the SCS PD Smore...Tiffany Spencer for her word wall and Andrew Wedlock for his student work display embedded with a QR code.

  • SCOTLAND CTE NEWSLETTER - Check us out! KUDOS TO Mr. Odom for being highlighted in the newsletter. You make us proud!!!

General Reminders

  • Please note: December 20 is an Optional Teacher Workday. If you are planning to take it off, you must enter your absence in KRONOS before Friday, December 15th. You can not access KRONOS from home. You may use Annual Leave, Leave Without Pay or Personal Leave. Also, please be reminded that you will be charged 4 Annual Leave days for Christmas Break. Please let Audrey Kingston know if you want to use your 3 Special Annual Leave Days at Christmas. These special annual leave days have no cash value but they must be used sooner than later. If you have any questions, please see Ms. Kingston.
  • CTE Newsletter, November 2017 -
  • Teachers....if you have need of the Media Center resources, I am always here to help. If you need to send students for any reason, at any time, I am open. Please give them a note so that I know they are not skipping. (You can write it on a napkin if you're at lunch.) But, if you need to bring a small group or class for instructional purposes, please sign up with me on the calendar so that we can avoid scheduling conflicts. Thank you!!! RAH
  • The "Frontline Family" spread some good luck in October, on Friday, the 13th. Hope it counteracted any bad luck mojo that was hanging around!! Anyway, we want to challenge the Olympians (Electives) team to spread some love to our staff on January 5th! See if you can start the New Year out on a positive note!!!

  • Faculty and Staff: Please be reminded that will still need your Sunshine Dues ($20). The Sunshine Committee is here to spread "Sunshine" to you or a loved one in time of need.

  • MTSS - How many students do you have on a Tier for behavior and academics?
  • Spring Semester Field Trips are due to Ms. Brayboy by December 13. Trips must be in North Carolina. Don't forget when planning a field trip to consider inviting programs/organizations to come to our school to present rather than taking students. Many organizations do this.
  • Please remind teachers of the district expectation to enter grades in PowerSchool on a weekly basis. Parents, guardians, and student use the Parent/Student Portal to check grades and should be able to see their up-to-date progress. Your data manager can print a report for you to monitor this.

  • Are you calling parents??? Make sure you are calling parents regarding attendance concerns (and document such). When we go to court, it helps when we can show ALL the contacts that have been made from the school (not just from PowerSchool letters and Social Worker contacts) (From Cabinet)]

  • COLLABORATIVE PAIRS: Please ensure that you implement collaborative pairs with roles within your lessons. This will be looked for in walkthroughs and observations.

  • What are you doing to be proactive to eliminate behaviors? What are your extra incentives in your class, team or grade level? (Extra TLC, computer time, double scans, pizza party, slushy parties, etc.)

  • A list of grant opportunities is located:

December 2017

December Events

Saturday, December 9: Drama Club Field Trip to Triad Stage "A Christmas Carol" in Winston Salem - 9am

Tuesday, December 12: ELA/SS/Science Planning Sessions

Wednesday, December 13: Spring Semester Field Trips Due; Principal Leadership; Wacky Wednesday; Student Support Staff Meeting @ 930am

Thursday, December 14: Friendly Dental Van, Winter Choral Concert 6:30pm; AP Leadership; Math Planning

Friday, December 15: Club Day; The district spelling bee will take place at 10. Good luck to Frank Ladd

Monday, December 18: Christmas Snacks - Bring a snack for the staff to enjoy!

Tuesday, December 19: The Spartan Variety Show; 1/2 day for Students; Early dismissal schedule; Please find the schedule attached.

Wednesday, December 20: Optional Teacher Workday

Thursday, December 21 - January 1: Christmas Break

Tuesday, January 2, 2018: Students return

Tuesday, January 9- Staff Meeting

Wednesday, January 10- ELA Benchmarks

Thursday, January 11- ELA Test over 2 days; ELA Make Ups

Friday, January 12- Math Benchmarks

Monday, January 15- Martin Luther King Holiday- No School

Tuesday, January 16- Science Benchmarks

January 17-19- Benchmark Make Ups

Items for the Friday Review are due to Ms. Audrey Kingston every Thursday by noon.