Post Unit Reflection

Sexual Relationships and Intimacy & Catholic Teachings.

Informed Conscience

Instincts which allow decision making to occur while considering all of the possible consequences as well as the possible gains.

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Catholic Church Teachings on Sexual Intimacy

It teaches that sexuality is a great gift.

Sexual intimacy finds its fullness in the commitment of a marriage and relationship.

Sexual intimacy includes the physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual aspects of the human person.

Sexual acts have two functions: They are both unitive and procreative.

Unitive: means the couple are brought together in special way through intercourse.
Procreative: means that sexual intercourse has the potential to start a new life or baby.

Homosexual acts cannot be procreative.

Sexual acts must respect the dignity of each person.

Marriage in the Catholic Church

Our Faith Community Understands


While we are called to life giving relationships, commitments and responsibilities, our failures do not condemn us but through forgiveness and amendment we continue to seek fullness of life.

While church laws and teachings serve the community and present values and standards for all, each individual must conscientiously live one's faith in real life situations.

The Spirit of God is within each one of us.