Teacher 2 Teacher

November/December 2016

What is This?


Welcome to our fourth edition of Teacher 2 Teacher. Teacher 2 Teacher is a short and sweet newsletter that will focus on one tip a month to promote effective parent and school communication.

Tip #4: Parent Praise

We are at the beginning of the Holiday Season. As we reflect on all things for which we're grateful, let us not forget about our parents. Send a quick "thank you" to those parents that are consistent with both student and teacher support, and one to those...trying. It feels great when others recognize your efforts and we all know that parenting is one of the hardest things you'll ever do. A "thank you" now can pay back greatly next semester. Also, November is Parent Involvement Month! Perfect timing :-).

Shiloh Middle School-Parent Center

Ms. Bishonna Jones
Parent Instructional Coordinator (PIC)

Parent Center Hours: M/T/F 9-4:00 Wed. 9-2PM CLOSED Thursday