Hatley Kim

A 5th Grader

All about Hatley

I love horses and horseback riding.

My favorite color is bright green.

I have 2 dogs and and 2 fish and two house birds.

I have 5 other sisters my half sister is lillian and she is 2 and my other half is sister is caroline is 4 my stepsister is ashile she is 13 and my other step sister is 16 or 17 and then my full sister is 15 almost 16 and her name is Gabbie.

My best friend is Dakotah Turner.When I first meet her it was at Shull Elementary and we didn't get along but now we are best friends.

In 2013 august 1 we woke up at 6:00 to leave to go to Destin Florida it was one long drive I will tell you I woke up then fell back asleep then we got there august 2 at like 3:00 it was beautiful! I had a blast they had WHITE sand all white.