Microsoft's Quincy Data Center Tour

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Advance Registration is REQUIRED

January 11th OR January 25th from 11:00 to 2:00

Register HERE to take the tour on January 11th

Session ID: 2618935 - 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Register HERE to take the tour on January 25th

Session ID: 2618936 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM

An Opportunity to Walk In the Cloud...

Tour Microsoft's Quincy Data Center with NCESD District Tech Directors. This is a 3-hour tour that will greatly enhance your knowledge and understanding of cloud based computing.
  • Microsoft data center history (5 minutes).
  • Why Quincy WA (5 minutes); proximity to Redmond, low seismicity, fiber optics, low land cost, tax breaks, hydropower availability and cost. Other DCs here too.
  • Staffing (5 minutes); critical environments team, IT services team, security team, specific vendor teams.
  • Walk-through (on paper) of traditional data center; later an actual walk-through. (5 minutes).
  • Walk-through (on paper) of newer (faster, cheaper, better) data center design; later an actual walk-through. (5 minutes).
  • Comparisons/contrasts between traditional and newer data center designs. (5 minutes).
  • Review of safety rules. (5 minutes).
  • Q&A (10 minutes).
  • Walk-through of traditional data center (45 minutes).
  • Walk-through of newer data center (30 minutes).

Important Restrictions

ADVANCE REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. No unexpected arrivals will be allowed inside. (“No show” is OK if someone can’t attend; but last minute additions cannot be accommodated.)

Required Information:

  • All will receive WORK RULES (safety rules) via email. These must be read-understood-signed either electronically or on paper upon arrival.
  • All tour attendees must bring current valid government-issued photo ID. (We do NOT keep these IDs; nor do we keep a copy.)
  • All tour participants will be allowed entry under NCESD’s Non-Disclosure Agreement which will be binding on all.
  • (No blogging, no tweeting, no discussing outside of a proper business-educational relationship.) No photography allowed on-site. Phones OK to use throughout the facility. No laptops or tablet computers allowed. No recording devices.