Double-Wattled Cassowary

What it looks like...

  • Coarse black feather.
  • The only bird bigger than a Cassowary (128lbs) is an Ostrich.
  • The casque on the top if its head,is used to make a path,protection,and is used for communication.Sometimes the bird will use it as a shovel.
  • Wattle on the neck fills with blood when it gets hot,then the bird dips it in water to cool off.
  • Long legs help it to run up to 30 miles per hour.
  • Long claws slice and cut things the bird kicks at.
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Where does it live?

  • Northern Australia and New Guinea.
  • Usually found in rain forests.

It eats...

  • It is an omnivore,it eats fruit and seeds and small animals it finds.

Fun Facts!

  • Native people trade Cassowarys for pigs and sometimes wives.
  • They are not endangered but suffer from habitat loss.
  • Have been known to attack and kill people.