Bowie Choir Update

November 17, 2014

Bowie Choir Thanksgiving Dinner

Thursday, Nov. 20th, 6-8pm

Golden Corral, Arlington, TX, United States

Arlington, TX

Join us this Thursday from 6-8 pm at the Golden Corral (Arlington Highlands) for Thanksgiving Dinner. Cost $15-20/person. See HERE for more information.

Help Choir/Shop Amazon

Do you like Bowie Choir? (of course you do!) Do you shop (of course you do!) Why not keep doing what you're doing, and help out Bowie Choir in the process! All it takes from you is this: bookmark THIS AMAZON LINK, and use that link to shop as you normally do. That's it! Bowie Choir will receive a portion of each sale, and it costs you nothing! There is a permanent link in the footer of as well. Look for "Shop Amazon/Support Bowie Choir."

Choir/Orchestra Spring Trip

IT'S NOT TOO LATE TO SIGN UP! The trip has enough verbal commitments, but we need more deposits. The Bowie Choral Department and Bowie Orchestra are headed to Colorado! April 8-12, we will travel to Winter Park, CO for the Winter Park Ski and Music Festival. In addition to competing at the festival, we will spend three days skiing and enjoying the beautiful mountains of Winter Park! Lodging will be in large cabins where we will foster teamwork in creating breakfasts and dinners, while lunches will be on the mountain. The cost for the trip is $550.00, which can be paid via cash, check, or debit/credit card online. In order to confirm your spot on the trip, you must pay the deposit of $150.00 ASAP. Go HERE for more information and to sign up!

December Concerts

There are several concerts happening in the Choir Department this December. Please remember that every concert that you/your student is scheduled to perform at is required, and is a major test grade. If you are not required to be at the concert, we would still love to have you come support the organization! Dates are listed below. Dates and times are on the calendar page at

  • Nuestra Navidad (Chorale Only): Dec. 4-6
  • Bowie Cluster Concert (Chorale, Volunteer Voices, Chanson): Dec. 8
  • Choir/Orchestra Non-Varsity Holiday Concert (Concert Choir, Camerata, Evocatus): Dec. 9
  • Volunteer Voices Holiday Tour: Dec. 10-11
  • Volunteer Voices @ Arlington Highlands: Dec. 13
  • Choir/Orchestra Varsity Holiday Concert (Chanson, Chorale, Volunteer Voices): Dec. 16
  • Volunteer Voices Lunch Concert: Dec. 17

Chorale Rehearsal Schedule

Parents: The varsity mixed choir (Chorale) has a huge amount of music to learn in a very short time. Please note the extra rehearsals for these students, and make appropriate plans for them to be at rehearsal and picked up in a timely fashion. (Note: this information is also on the calendar page at

  • Nov. 18, 3-4pm: Chorale Women
  • Nov. 19, 3-4pm: Chorale Men
  • Nov. 24, 3-4pm: Chorale (Choir 2) for Sunrise Mass
  • Nov. 25, 3-4pm: Chorale (Choir 1) for Sunrise Mass
  • Dec. 1, 3-4pm: Chorale (Choir 2) for Sunrise Mass
  • Dec. 2, 3-4pm: Chorale (Choir 1) for Sunrise Mass
  • Dec. 11, 4:30-7:45pm: Chorale/Orchestra MANDATORY rehearsal