Help save the people in Somalia dying from their water

Somalias water issues

Imagine if the water you're used to drinking everyday was contatimanted with thousands of grems and contained deadly dieses, or the crystal clear water you're used to drinking was muddy brown.  Somalia has one if the most severe water problems in the world. They have reaccuring droughts and most of there water is contaminated. Other countries in the worlds water pollution comes from things such as factories, however Somalia, like many other countries in Africa, issues are from insects such as larvae, parasites, and snails and worms. These organisms are one of the reasons Africas life expantacy is as low as age 45. They cause dieses like diarrhoea, arseniosios, and flurosis. The water quatilty is a deadly issues and needs to be fixed. 

The Solution

We plan to donate Bio-Sand Filters. Bio- Sand Filters remove the pathogens and suspended solids from water. Donate $10 today and for every donation Save Somalia will donate one Bio-Sand Filter to a Somalia community in need, but we need YOUR help!