Ways a School can Reduce Energy Use

Easy Ways to help the Earth!! - By - lampus25@freeport.com

My Earth Day Problem

My Earth Day Problem is that there is too much energy being consumed.  A lot of energy is consumed in schools especially.  Most of our energy comes from burning fossil fuels which are nonrenewable resources.  Also, when burned they create pollution which is bad for the Earth, too.  My goal is to show you how to limit energy use in school.

Solutions to Saving Energy at School

Solutions To Saving Energy

One way to save energy is by fully turning off acomputer when not in use because half the energy that goes in a computer is wasted.  Another way is to make sure windows are completly closed because a lot of heat or cool air can escape if they are not closed.You should use updated refrigerators, too.  Two new fridges today use less energy than one 20 year old fidge.  Finally, you should use energy efficent lightbulbs, use just enough light to see, and open shades on windows for extra light.