Celebrate Good Times!!!

Another one of those special Merton moments!

Celebration Day-one more awesome day for the kids!

Under less than sunny skies, our kids sparkled in their colorful t-shirts and moved from station to station with a spirit and enthusiasm that you would be proud of. The stations had teachers and volunteers ready to meet the kids to have fun and be a team too. Thanks for getting the shirts on the kids today!

Fourth Graders getting the job done.

I put the principal coouncil team to work by sorting t-shirts for all of the kids this past Wedesday. They found the task challenging and rewarding at the same time. Accuracy was the key to getting the job done right. I thank them for their work ethic and accountability.
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Volunteers are here and there.

Two dads came to help out thte other day on a 4K fieldtrip day when we were without our regular supervisors. These dads got down to the kids level and took good care of them and had fun too.

Looking for a lost item

Here are some pics of lost items that may look familiar. Please take a look for them inside our school main entrance. At the end of the week, they will be donated.