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The murder in Greenwich village apartments By Michael Nuncio

Greenwich Village, New York 1954

Lars Thorwald was arrested today for the murder of his wife, Anne Thorwald in the Greenwich Village apartments. The suspect says that he chopped his wife into pieces and scattered her body in the East river. We haven't heard of the reason why Mr. Thorwald would do such a thing, but we hope to find out soon.

L.B. Jefferies was the witness who helped us on this case. If it wasn't for him no one would have know Mrs. Thorwald was dead.

What made you relies that something was wrong across the neighborhood Jeff?

"Well, one night I heard a loud scream from their apartment and when I looked out the window they were fighting. After that night I haven't seen Mrs. Thorwald since, so it just caught my attention."

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Feminism In The 1950's

In today's world we see feminism as:

  • Woman are always talking about clothes or jewelry.
  • We see it as men working and bringing home the money, while the woman stay home, cook and clean.
  • When we think of women one of the main things that pops up is all the gossip going on. Men don't really care about all that stuff, but woman can gossip all day.

In the 1950's

  • Woman have always been about their fashion and will always be that way. They need to be looking good 24/7.
  • Woman want marriage and would go great distances to be in love. For example, they would give up their job to be with someone.
  • Woman didn't really have much of a role and couldn't do most of the things men could do like work, vote. Their word didn't really have a say so in anything.