Welcome To Lineville

By: Blake Boehm


Are you worried about Lineville? Well here are some tips about Lineville to help you survive here at Lineville. After reading this I hope you feel better.

Lineville Lockers

In Lineville you have lockers and here are a few tips you will need for your locker. First you will need to know the ways to spin the lock, it is. Go right then you go passed your next number once land it the second time going left, then go right and land on your last number. Don't worry even if you can't do it staff/teachers have a key to unlock it or to help you. Try keeping it organized otherwise everyone else in your row will be jammed. I hope you feel good about lockers in Lineville.

Lineville Lunch

Lunch is different then elementary school. First we have commons meal and district. District would be right where you walk in the building if you get dropped off. District is where in elementary school if you took "hot lunch" that is district. Then commons is in the commons/lunch room. After you get your lunch there is A La carte and that is junk food such has cookies, snapple, pudding, chips etc. When you sit down there is only 8 people at a table MAX. I hope you feel better about lunch.

Lineville Team Time

There is this thing called Team time in the morning. Team time is a group of people in your house that get together and do what the teacher says. It is basically a thing that is to get ready for school but every day. In clubhouse you can do silent ball, workout, Ipad free time, share time at monday. There are usually 3 to 4 teachers that do the team time but every teacher does team time. Plus team time is not an option you have to do it. I hope you understand what team time is.

Lineville Hallways

Here are some things that are different about hallways in Lineville then elementary. First there is blue and red tape, red tape is be silent and blue is a whisper. Then you don't have to follow your teacher everywhere. You have to walk on the right side of the hallway too. I hope you understand that there are many different things about Lineville hallways then elementary hallways.

Lineville Gym

Gym is very different here are some things that you might be worried about. First is maybe you worried about changing and people looking at you. Well people are changing as long as you go kind of fast they will all be worried about changing to look. Then what about swimming you have to change for that too and if you think about it you have to get naked. But don't worry its just like what I told you when you're changing in gym clothes and if people are staring at you then tell. Archery is another unit but they tell you all about that and D.A.R.E. Hope you feel better about gym.


I hope you feel better about Lineville now. Good luck and have fun in Lineville. You will have a blast.