Using Forms in Classroom

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This is How to Use Forms in Google Classroom

Two minutes is all it takes for most Synergyse tutorials, including this one! Click here to learn how to incorporate Google Forms in your Google Classroom!

Have you been taking advantage of Synergyse web-based training!?

Has a Synergyse training video helped you out yet? Here's a reminder about why it's awesome:

  • Click here to view a 2.5 minute overview video about Synergyse

  • On-demand lessons for all features of Google Apps for Education are sequenced from easier to more complex

  • Interactive overlays help you learn by requiring users to click-along to advance tutorials

  • Share tutorials through email to other WHPS students and staff

  • WHPS' own custom content and tutorial videos from youtube will be uploaded to custom training sections

  • There is no file size or content restrictions. Videos are hosted by Synergise on Google cloud and are private to WHPS domain

  • We have the ability to delineate between what content is seen by students/groups vs. teachers

  • A green check-mark will appear next to videos that have been viewed to help you keep track of your training

  • Videos stay up-to-date

  • A reporting tool tracks usage patterns

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What if the Synergyse logo isn’t showing up for me?

You must use the Chrome internet browser and log into Google Chrome to access the Synergyse extension. Here’s how sign in to the Google Chrome browser (this step is not necessary if using a Chromebook).

If the Synergyse logo (seen below) is not appearing in your upper right corner of each of the Google Apps for Education (example: Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Classroom, etc), please submit a HelpDesk ticket so we can get you properly set up!
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Can I access Synergyse content on my tablet, SmartPhone, or with internet browsers other than Google Chrome?

Yes, you can still access all of the content, but videos will not interact with your personal Google Apps. You can access video-based training within the Synergyse portal by going to and logging into your Gmail.

Did you know there are many more WHPS Tech Tips online?

There are! Visit to keep the learning going!
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