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Who is Kip Jacob?

Lead Pastor, SouthLake Church

For nearly 30 years, Kip Jacob and his wife Pam have led SouthLake Church in suburban Portland Oregon from a church of 35 people to a creative faith community where 2000 people meet weekly.

In 2008 Kip led SouthLake in joining other area churches to make a difference in Portland. In response to his vision, over 1000 SouthLake volunteers showed up one summer Saturday to serve Roosevelt High School- a failing urban public school. Little did he know, that initial day of service would inspire a church-school partnership that would bring transformation to both communities.

Along with other SouthLake leaders, Kip formed the new non-profit, BeUnDivided, to inspire and equip pastors and churches to serve public schools around our nation. The uplifting documentary film, UnDivided, shares the in-depth relationship with Roosevelt High School. In addition, Kip and his team are in development of a feature film entitled The Magnificent Defeat, highlighting SouthLake and Former NFL all-pro quarterback Neil Lomax's first year coaching at Roosevelt.

Kip Jacob - Being a Christian Leader in Today's Society

Sponsored by BeUndivided

What would it look like if 300,000 churches in our nation were serving all 100,000 of our public schools?

Could that possibly change the educational outcomes of millions of the nation’s children? Could that break down walls that traditionally divide us socially and economically? Could that inspire entire communities to rally around their schools and their children, turning the page on the story of their lives, and, in turn, the lives of their children?

We are daring to think the answer to those questions is…yes!

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