TEKS Resource System: ESC 17

Spring 2023

In this issue:

  • TEKS Resource System Reformatted

  • Support Resources and Activities Collection

  • Content Area Workshops and Updates

    • Math *STAAR Resources

    • Science: New Region 17 Science Specialist

    • Social Studies

    • Reading Language Arts (*New STAAR Resources- SCR Rubrics)

    • Spanish Language Arts & Reading

  • Tools to Use

  • TEKS Resource System State Newsletter

  • Implementing TEKS Resource System (ITRS)

TEKS Resource System Reformatted

When you logged on to your TEKS Resource System, you may have noticed a new look. The reformatted site bears the TCMPC (Texas Curriculum Management Program Cooperation) Logo.

If you dig a little deeper, into the IFDs, you'll notice the new functionality and accessibility. There is a left-hand navigation menu, collapsible sections, and select printing for specific sections. There are also two new sections: Teacher Notes and District Notes. Individual teachers or district administrators may add content to each IFD.

Next time you log in to your TEKS Resource System, make sure you check out these new features!

Recently, the Support Resources and Activities Collection was moved from the TEKS Resource System homepage. Those resources and activities are now housed on the Region 17 TEKS Resource System Homepage. Login credentials have been shared with all superintendents and principals of TEKS R.S. districts.

On that page, you will be able to toggle through Region 17 Contacts, the Resource Collection, Tools to Use, and the TEKS R.S. Smore.

Once you arrive at the Resource and Activities Collection, click on the “Access Here” button. Please note that this page is password-protected so that only TEKS Resource System districts will have access to the many resources and activities within. This resource is a consolidation of products and services from all 20 Education Service Centers across the state.

We hope that this collection of support resources and the service we can provide for you will continue to support and benefit you and your students.

Content Area Workshops and Updates

Julie Rogers and Heather Tekell

Use the resources on the Math page for use in your classroom. Look for the updates as Heather creates/finds new ideas!! These ideas may be from previous workshops she's done or ideas from teachers like you! Feel free to download and use any of the resources they have provided!

K-12 Math Smore

Math Updates:


  • Maintaining current curriculum​ What does that look like?

  • Addressing feedback as needed (3.7A: Students haven’t been exposed to equivalency.)

  • *3.7A moved from Unit 6 to Unit 11: It was moved on the YAG, IFD, ICAPP, Grade Level Overview, Unit Assessment Items, Formative Assessment Items, Backwards Design Document, Understandings, Misconceptions, Vocabulary, prior units notes and post-units notes in the Unit Overview.


  • NEW Unit Assessments items styled similar to the NEW STAAR Item Types for Grades 3-8, Algebra I (40 per grade level/course)

  • *Includes Grades 3-5 Spanish


  • *Newly Released STAAR Analysis (PDF & Word Versions)
  • -------Grades 3-8 include STAAR items from 2015-2022
  • -------Algebra I includes STAAR items from 2016-2022
  • STAAR Enhanced Blueprints - English version
  • STAAR Blueprint and Item Percentages - English version
  • Manipulative Google Slide Mathematics Teacher Decks completed.
  • Enhanced 2022-2023 STAAR Blueprints for Grades 3-8 and Algebra I

    • *Includes Grades 3-5 Spanish

Kimberly Bilbrey-Mosher

Region 17 ESC offers unique opportunities for professional growth through face-to-face content workshops, online workshops, on-site coaching, and individual mentoring. Contact Kimberly Bilbrey-Mosher, at kbmosher@esc17.net, is Region 17's Science Specialist.

Check out this link:

K-12 Science Scoop for the latest Science updates.

Science Updates!


  • Moving the “Prior to this unit” to a paragraph format

  • Revised 2021-2022 Biology YAGs (Macro & Micro) and associated TVDs, IFDs, and Assessment items


  • More NEW Formative Assessment Items coming soon - Grades 6-8
  • NEW IPC Unit Assessment Items for the 2020-2021 school year
  • Adding new Forensic Science unit items

  • Calibrating existing items for formatting consistency

  • Adding new formative items Grades 6-8


  • Draft Science Current and Future TEKS Side-by-Side

  • New K-8 Vocabulary Flash Cards

  • New Biology Vocabulary Flash Cards

  • Revised Engaging Literature List to be filtered and searchable

Region 17 Science Page

All resources are science-specific, but not all are TEKS Resource System-based.

Sabrina Blankenship

Region 17 ESC offers multiple workshops and training for Social Studies teachers from Kindergarten to 12th Grade. Browse our Social Studies page for Texas Resources, National Resources, and World Resources. Sabrina Blankenship, at sblankenship@esc17.net, is ESC 17's Social Studies specialist.

And be sure to view the ESC 17 Social Studies Smore!

Social Studies Update:


  • Maintaining current curriculum

  • Addressing feedback as needed


  • New “Idea Completion Assessment Items” in the formative bank. Intended as a formative assessment of mastery of vocabulary. See Vocabulary Idea Completions Guide in the Resource Section for guidelines on using idea completions.


  • The Celebrate Freedom and Other Mandates Observances resource has been updated with current state observances.

  • STAAR Analysis for US Conceptual and US Sequential are posted.

  • Vocab flashcards, available K-12, have been separated into units and included in each IFD.

  • Each secondary grade level now has a resource titled "Learning Goals Planning Tool" that helps break down unit understandings into learning goals that serve as an instructional guide for lesson building.
  • Instructional Considerations to Activate Purposeful Planning (ICAPP) tool expands on the original COVID Gap Tool from early in the pandemic. We have created alignments by unit to prior background knowledge that may contribute to student understanding. Available K-8.
Social Studies Resources

All resources are Social Studies-specific, but not all are TEKS Resource System based.

RLA Team

Region 17 offers unique opportunities for professional growth through face-to-face content workshops, online workshops, on-site coaching, and individual mentoring. To set up a campus meeting or training, please contact our specialists:

Julie Rogers (K-3)- jrogers@esc17.net

Jerard Lafuente (4-8) - jlafuente@esc17.net,

Greg Reeves (High School) - greeves@esc17.net.

RLA Update:


(Grades 3-5) Alternate/Revised YAGs are available in the Resources Section and as a link at the bottom of the current YAGs.

  • No SEs have changed within any unit of this YAG revision.
  • Units have ONLY been modified with a slight change in number of instructional days, unit number identification, and/or unit placement within a six-week/nine-week instructional period.
  • The newly Revised YAGs have annotated purple blurbs that detail changes made.
  • See page 2 of each Revised YAG for more information on the rationales behind the revisions.
  • Click here to read the explanation from the TEKS RS ELAR Coordinator.
  • Addressing feedback as needed
  • *NEW* Grades 3-5 YAG Revision available to accommodate new testing window (Link in YAG and in Resources Section) LIVE! *Full site integration of edits coming in May/June 2023


  • Completion of formative assessment items for K-12
  • Coming Soon: Resources to support new STAAR Assessment features
    • Revised SCR rubric available in two weeks as Resource with updates ongoing through January in PAs and Assessment Items


  • *NEW* Readiness and Supporting Standards Changes for 2023 Test Administration in Grades 3-E2 (one pager resource) LIVE!

  • *NEW* K-6 Convention Alignment Tool LIVE!

  • *NEW* 3-English IV: Short-Constructed Response Rubric- This document is found in TEKS Resource System> Resources>Rubrics>*NEW* ELAR Short Constructed Response Rubric

  • **NEW** 2023 ELAR STAAR Assessed Curriculum: Grades 3-English II and SLAR Grades 3-6 in the Resources Section of the website. This one-pager resource (front and back) highlights changes to the assessed curriculum from 2022 to 2023. This reference guide will be helpful for planning throughout each unit and can be utilized by administrators, coaches, and teachers to guide skill focus. This document can be found in Grade Levels 3-English II in the Resources Section.
K-2 Literacy Updates & Sessions

All workshops are RLA-specific, but not all are TEKS Resource System-based.

3-8 RLA Sessions

All workshops are RLA-specific, but not all are TEKS Resource System-based.

9-12 RLA Sessions

All workshops are RLA-specific, but not all are TEKS Resource System-based.

Kindergarten-5th Grade ELAR Phonics Scope and Sequence Posted

The Phonics Scope and Sequence can be found in the Resources section. This resource, organized by unit, contains the student expectation, The Suggested Concept/Skill, Examples, and Notes.

The addition of the Phonics Scope and Sequence has caused minor changes to the YAG, TVD, and IFDs. Those changes can be found in the Revisions section on the Home Page.

Region 17 ESC offers multiple workshops and training for Bilingual/ESL/Title III/ SLAR teachers from Kindergarten to 12th Grade. Browse our Bilingual/ESL/Title III/SLAR page for Resources. Linda Musquiz, at lmusquiz@esc17.net, is ESC 17's Emerging Bilingual and Title III specialist.
Bilingual/ESL/Title III/SLAR Newsletter

All workshops are Bilingual/ESL/Title III/SLAR -specific, but not all are TEKS Resource System-based.


The TEKS Resource System home page has a support button like no other! When you click on the Support button, you are taken to a Support Library that includes topics for brand new teachers, veteran teachers, and administrators like:

  • Getting Started
  • Assessments
  • Video Tutorials
  • System Management
  • Curriculum & Resources
  • System Tools
  • TCMPC Videos
  • Frequently Asked Questions.

Tools to Use:

Cross Curriculum Alignment Documents (C-CAD)

This easy-to-use tool organizes all of the standards for a given time period and grade level together, allowing teachers to see where they can combine relevant content and make strong real-world connections for students. The digital documents contain live links to resources within TEKS Resource System but can also be printed on 11x17 paper for planning purposes.

The C-CAD can be found on the TEKS Resource System homepage, on the "Support" dropdown, under "ESC Aligned Resources".

Benefits of Using the C-CAD:

  • Teachers are able to see all content-area TEKS (Readiness and Supporting) for the six weeks on one document.
  • The C-CAD aids in planning for cross-curricular reading and writing opportunities.
  • The C-CAD supports the redesign STAAR Assessment, which requires students to read and write across content areas.
  • The C-CAD can be used for multiple-content PLCs to plan across the curriculum, including BIG IDEAS and Academic Language.
  • The C-CAD is especially useful in self-contained classrooms where all subjects are taught.
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TCMPC: TEKS Resource System State Newsletter

For a detailed list of TEKS Resource System updates and news, click on this link.

Implementing TEKS Resource System (ITRS)

Region 17 ESC has recently purchased the Implementing TEKS Resource System (ITRS) guide for its districts. This supplemental tool to the TEKS Resource System is designed to support district and campus leaders in their efforts to provide a guaranteed and viable curriculum for their students. The guide includes basic information, research data, and steps to follow for successful and effective curriculum implementation.

The importance of having a solid curriculum as the foundation for the instructional work in the classroom cannot be overstated. Without a clear understanding of the scope of content to be taught or learned and a logical sequence merging those learning targets together, even the most engaging and interesting instructional design may fall short of learning targets outlined in the standards, the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).

The TEKS Resource System Implementation guide is designed to walk district and/or campus instructional leaders through the curriculum implementation process. Based on recent research findings, the process outlined in the guide will support districts and/or campuses in their efforts to improve student success. The guide addresses specific roles and actions for central office, campus, and classroom instructional leaders.

Check out this Introductory Video for a quick look at ITRS. If you would like your district to take part in this free guide or would like more information on it, please contact Jerard Lafuente, jlafuente@esc17.net.

Region 17 TEKS Resource System

This component provides schools with information and resources to facilitate an increase in student performance. The Curriculum cooperative provides access to professional development, instructional technology, instructional resources, on-site coaching, and up-to-date information and technical assistance.

For a complete State-Wide TEKS Resource System newsletter, click HERE.

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