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Implementing TEKS Resource System (ITRS)

Region 17 ESC has recently purchased the Implementing TEKS Resource System (ITRS) guide for its districts. This supplemental tool to the TEKS Resource System is designed to support district and campus leaders in their efforts to provide a guaranteed and viable curriculum for their students. The guide includes basic information, research data, and steps to follow for successful and effective curriculum implementation.

The importance of having a solid curriculum as the foundation for the instructional work in the classroom cannot be overstated. Without a clear understanding of the scope of content to be taught or learned and a logical sequence merging those learning targets together, even the most engaging and interesting instructional design may fall short of learning targets outlined in the standards, the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).

The TEKS Resource System Implementation guide is designed to walk district and/or campus instructional leaders through the curriculum implementation process. Based on recent research findings, the process outlined in the guide will support districts and/or campuses in their efforts to improve student success. The guide addresses specific roles and actions for central office, campus, and classroom instructional leaders.

Check out this Introductory Video for a quick look at ITRS. If you would like your district to take part in this free guide or would like more information on it, please contact Jerard Lafuente, jlafuente@esc17.net.

Recently, the Support Resources and Activities Collection was moved from the TEKS Resource System homepage. Those resources and activities are now housed on the Region 17 TEKS Resource System Homepage. Login credentials have been shared with all superintendents and principals of TEKS R.S. districts.

On that page, you will be able to toggle through Region 17 Contacts, the Resource Collection, Tools to Use, and the TEKS R.S. Smore.

Once you arrive at the Resource Collection, click on the “Access Here” button. Please note that this page is password-protected so that only TEKS Resource System districts will have access to the many resources and activities within. This resource is a consolidation of products and services from all 20 Education Service Centers across the state.

We hope that this collection of support resources and the service we can provide for you will continue to support and benefit you and your students.

Workshops, Sessions, and Updates

Heather Sherrill

Use the resources on the Math page for use in your classroom. Look for the updates as Heather creates/finds new ideas!! These ideas may be from previous workshops she's done or ideas from teachers like you! Feel free to download and use any of the resources they have provided!

K-12 Math Smore


All resources are math-specific, but not all are TEKS Resource System based.

Math Updates:

There are NEW math documents located in the Resources folder of each mathematics grade level.

The Backward Design Document for each grade level is a single document that condenses major curriculum elements into an easily viewable grid. This document demonstrates the alignment of Overarching and Unit Understandings and Questions with Performance Assessments by unit. This "big picture" can contribute to a teacher's understanding of the course structure. It prints best on 8.5"x14" paper (legal-size).

There are also Grade Band Concepts Charts for K - 5 Mathematics, K - 5 Matemáticas, 6 - 8 Mathematics, and HS Mathematics. Each grade level chart is a collection of overarching-level concepts (macro) and unit-level concepts (micro) related to the strands of the TEKS.


  • Continual review of / minor updates to curriculum components (no Year at a Glance changes)


  • K-HS formative and/or unit assessment item development
  • Continual review of / minor updates to assessment items
  • Addition of 60 new Formative Assessment Items per grade level for Kindergarten - Grade 5 in both English and Spanish
  • Addition of 60 new Unit Assessment Items per high school course for Algebra II, Geometry, Mathematical Models of Application, and Precalculus
  • New development of 147 Unit Assessment Items for Algebraic Reasoning


  • Manipulative Google Slide Mathematics Teacher Decks completed!

  • NEW Resources for K-HS: Instructional Considerations to Activate Purposeful Planning (ICAPP) Addressing the Gaps from Unfinished Learning to

    Maximize Current Grade Level Learning

Haley Maldonado

Region 17 ESC offers unique opportunities for professional growth through face-to-face content workshops, online workshops, on-site coaching, and individual mentoring. Haley Maldonado, at hmaldonado@esc17.net, is Region 17's Science Specialist.

Check out these links:

K-12 Science Scoop for the latest Science updates.

Region 17 Science Resources for lots of great resources and teaching tools.

Science Updates!


  • Revised 2021-2022 Biology YAGs (Macro & Micro) and associated TVDs, IFDs, and Assessment items

  • NEW: Backward Design Documents
  • DRAFT 2021-2022 Systems Biology YAG - Posted in Resource Section - moved Cell Cycle causing other units to shift


  • More NEW Formative Assessment Items coming soon - Grades 6-8
  • NEW IPC Unit Assessment Items for the 2020-2021 school year
  • Adding new Forensic Science unit items

  • Calibrating existing items for formatting consistency

  • Adding new formative items G.6-8


  • New K-8 Vocabulary Cards

  • Revised Engaging Literature List to be filtered and searchable

Region 17 Science Page

All resources are science-specific, but not all are TEKS Resource System based.

Sabrina Blankenship

Region 17 ESC offers multiple workshops and training for Social Studies teachers from Kindergarten to 12th Grade. Browse our Social Studies page for Texas Resources, National Resources, and World Resources. Sabrina Blankenship, at sblankenship@esc17.net, is ESC 17's Social Studies specialist.

Social Studies Update:


  • Revisions for Grade 6 including revamping Unit 1 to “How We Study the World”. Designed to introduce students to a macro view of common institutions, such as government and economic systems


  • New “Idea Completion Assessment Items” in the formative bank. Intended as a formative assessment of mastery of vocabulary. See Vocabulary Idea Completions Guide in the Resource Section for guidelines on using idea completions.


  • Each secondary grade level now has a resource titled "Learning Goals Planning Tool" that help break down unit understandings into learning goals that serve as an instructional guide for lesson building.
  • Vocabulary flashcards are now available K-12.
  • Instructional Considerations to Activate Purposeful Planning (ICAPP) tool expands on the original COVID Gap Tool from early in the pandemic. We have created alignments by unit to prior background knowledge that may contribute to student understanding. Available K-8.
Social Studies Resources

All resources are Social Studies-specific, but not all are TEKS Resource System based.


Region 17 offers unique opportunities for professional growth through face-to-face content workshops, online workshops, on-site coaching, and individual mentoring. To set up a campus meeting or training, please contact our specialists:

Julie Rogers (K-3)- jrogers@esc17.net

Jerard Lafuente (4-8) - jlafuente@esc17.net,

Greg Reeves (High School) - greeves@esc17.net.

ELAR Update:


  • Maintaining current curriculum
  • Addressing feedback as needed


  • Developing formative assessment items for K-12
  • Beginning to publish 1st six weeks formative items for K-12


  • Published K-12 Backward Design Documents
  • Published Assessment Creator Passages by Unit list
K-3 Literacy Updates & Sessions

All workshops are RLA-specific, but not all are TEKS Resource System based.

4-8 RLA Sessions

All workshops are RLA-specific, but not all are TEKS Resource System based.

Kindergarten-5th Grade ELAR Phonics Scope and Sequence Posted

The Phonics Scope and Sequence can be found in the Resources section. This resource, organized by unit, contains the student expectation, The Suggested Concept/Skill, Examples, and Notes.

The addition of the Phonics Scope and Sequence has caused minor changes to the YAG, TVD, and IFDs. Those changes can be found in the Revisions section on the Home Page.

New High School ELAR Curriculum Documents are LIVE!

These can be found in High School ELAR through the Quick Search on the TEKS Resource System home page.

Choose your "High School Courses", English Language Arts and Reading, and select the course you teach. Next, click on <Search>.

Select the TEKS Resource System Component you wish to view.


The TEKS Resource System home page has a support button like no other! When you click on the Support button, you are taken to a Support Library that includes topics for brand new teachers, veteran teachers, and administrators like:

  • Getting Started
  • Assessments
  • Video Tutorials
  • System Management
  • Curriculum & Resources
  • System Tools
  • TCMPC Videos
  • Frequently Asked Questions.

Tools to Use:


Year At A Glance Planner- This interactive planner helps you map out each six-week period. Adjust your instructional time according to the events occurring at your campus and district.

Gap Implementation Tool Videos

Below are content specific videos that describe how to read, locate, and use the Gap Implementation Tools that are part of the TEKS Resource System. The TEKS Resource System Gap Implementation Tool reminds teachers to consider all previous grade level(s) standards of the last nine weeks that are aligned to the current grade level standards of the 2020-2021 school year.

Note: Since these tools highlight the standards of the previous grade level(s), there is not a Kindergarten Gap Implementation Tool. In addition, the Social Studies Gap Implementation Tool focuses on the skills found in the Thinking Like A Historian Resource since the social studies context typically changes as you move across the grade level courses.

The Math and Science videos are about 30 minutes long and the ELAR and Social Studies videos are only about 15 min long. If you need any support using the tools, please reach out to the regional ESC for your district.

RLA Gap Implementation Tools

Math Gap Implementation Tools

Science Gap Implementation Tools

Social Studies Gap Implementation Tools

YAG-O-Matic Instructions

This PDF file will take you through the YAG-O-Matic, step-by-step. Take this planner and map out each six-week period. Adjust your instructional time according to the events occurring at your campus and district. The planner is interactive and as you map out each six-week period, the Year At a Glance calculates the true instructional days you have for each of the six weeks. No surprises when you plan ahead.

YAG-O-Matic Instructions

TEKSCon 2022: June 27-29, 2022

TEKS Resource System is excited to present the TEKS Resource System Curriculum Conference - TEKSCON 2022. This event is being planned now and is guaranteed to live up to the past TEKSCon Conferences. The TEKS Resource System and its parent TCMPC collaborative know you will enjoy this event you can experience everywhere.

We look forward to sharing more information as the event gets closer.

A Note from the TEKS Resource System Director, Ann Graves

welcome to the 2021-2022 school year!

Times are, again, uncertain and stressful as the school doors opened this year. New initiatives, more training, and more anxiety face you every day. Know that we are here to help guide the instructional process. We stand by and with teachers and administrators across this vast state. Welcome to your new partnership if you are new to TEKS Resource System, and thank you for your continued support and use for returning districts!

Summer never stops the work of educators. The Content Development team, ESC Specialists from all 20 Service Centers, and contracted teachers have continued the revisions, updates, and new development for our documents, assessment items, and resources. Remember, we need your feedback to ensure we all are on the same pathway. Ensuring student success can be challenging, but together it will happen.

Thinking about next summer seems a long way ahead of September, but please mark your calendar now for June 27-29, 2022. This is the date for TEKSCON 2022, and we have already started the planning process. Beautiful San Antonio offers many personal perks, and TEKSCON 2022 offers professional growth, networking, and renewal opportunities for a new school year. This summer’s conference was very successful, with our Keynote speaker Gerry Brooks bringing us joy, reflection, and laughter. We expect and anticipate the same results next summer. Keep an eye on upcoming announcements regarding registration and applications to present your expertise.

Have a great fall and please, contact your ESC Specialist for questions regarding TEKS Resource System. We are here to help!

With Best Wishes,

Ann Graves

Director TEKS Resource System

TCMPC: TEKS Resource System State Newsletter

For a detailed list of TEKS Resource System updates and news, click on this link.

Region 17 TEKS Resource System

This component provides schools with information and resources to facilitate an increase in student performance. The Curriculum cooperative provides access to professional development, instructional technology, instructional resources, on-site coaching, and up-to-date information and technical assistance.

For a complete State-Wide TEKS Resource System newsletter, click HERE.

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