How important is Media?

By: Robert Peterson


Media refers to the collective means of mass communication, for example T.V. Radio, and Newspaper. Ever since the internet was created and smart phones were made to use the internet anywhere, media has grown to be an untamed animal. That is because Media can be good or bad, celebrities know this the best. There are so many things that come out about famous people that are fake, which is why they are usually not a fan of the media. However, the media is also a big tool to the people of the United States. The United States is one of the biggest countries in the world and without media there is no way that we would know what is happening in other parts of our country, including the capital. Imagine voting in presidential elections when you can’t see the debates that take place. What really fueled the fire behind the media was the internet, especially because now days you can access the internet from anywhere. Before the internet, people had no place to look at local or national news 24/7; they had to wait for the newspaper the next day. Now, everything seems to be on the internet including the radio, newspapers, and TV. This is why I believe that our next generation will not watch cable television, listen to an ordinary radio, or read a newspaper that is delivered to your house every day; everything will be streamed through the internet. You cannot go a day without seeing something about media, which is why in today’s society everything revolves around the media.

How important is Media?


Budweiser, one of the world’s largest producers of beer, released the “Puppy Love” commercial during the 2014 Super Bowl; it suggests that Budweiser has a fantastic relationship with the consumers. Budweiser shows you this special bond by using a Clydesdale and a puppy, the two turn out to be inseparable. The puppy is adopted and the Clydesdale ends up saving him. Budweiser uses a relationship like this in order to show that it cares about its customers and it would do anything to save it. The calm and heart touching commercial targets both men and women, everyone likes puppies!

Budweiser Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial -- "Puppy Love"
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Is PDA the new Issue?

By: Robert Peterson

March 19, 2013

Peachtree Ridge HS- All over the halls and school of Peachtree Ridge a new problem has arose that has been taking the school into a major conflict. This conflict is known as PDA or public display of affection. This includes any activities where two people become uncomfortably close to each other for a minimum of 10 seconds.

This whole situation has caused a split in the school. Half, or perhaps less, believe the PDA is acceptable, however the rest deem in unnecessary and just plain awkward to look at. It seems that most of the people who see it as acceptable are in a relationship, or talking, which in high school language means that they both like each other, they are just not officially dating, but they are together.

One student, while walking to class, stopped and had an interesting comment, she said, " that is utterly disgusting and they should get a room", this tends to be where this issue is going for now. Lets be honest, no one wants to see two people swapping spit while they are casually walking to their next class.

Civil War

In 1861 the southern states of America succeeded from the United States. The Confederate and Union States had completely different views as far government views, because their economies were polar opposites. The south was agrarian based, it was filled with large plantations and crop fields, and this is where the slaves worked. The north on the other hand made its money through manufacturing, and it was one of the most industrialized regions of the world at the time. This is why the two sides had different views dealing with politics, States Rights, and Slavery. The event that led to the succession of the states was the election of Abraham Lincoln, because he stood for everything that the south didn’t. The result of Lincoln’s election was the succession of South Carolina followed by the rest of the states that would make up The Confederate States of America.

This division led to the bloodiest war of its time and only war on American soil. The South was definitely out gunned and manned as far as technology and the overall supply of food and resources. The south however had much more military veterans, better leaders, and more military graduates from West Point. In the beginning of the war there seemed to be a stalemate in northern Virginia. Once this stalemate was broken after the Confederate victory in the battle of Gettysburg, The European nations stepped in, breaking the union blockade around the south. The British wanted the Confederate States of America to win, because with a blockade around the south, the British nations could not get their cotton which the relied heavily on for new clothes. This also stopped the invasion of the Mississippi River by the Union because Ulysses S. Grant had to pull those ships away from the river to fight off the British. These events kept the Confederate States of America unified and gave them plenty of momentum to finish out the war. After the British joined in the war the Union gave it one last effort to force the CSA back towards the south. The Union knew that there best chance to win the war in the long run would not to retreat, recuperate, and let the South take Washington D.C., it would be to defend Washington because Ulysses Grant knew that if D.C. was lost they could never win. This defense was known as the Battle of Washington. The CSA used the same tactics the Union used on them; they surrounded the city and cut off all of their supply lines. The Union fought for three days defending the city, but they ended up running dangerously low on ammunition and food rations. Grant realized he had one option and it was to throw up the white flag. The South accepted his surrender. Peace talks started shortly after, the Union states gave the Southern States the control of Kentucky, Maryland, and Virginia; this gave the CSA control of Washington D.C. Forcing the Union to make their new capital Philadelphia.

I rewrote the Civil War, because it was one of, if not the, most important war in American history. If the Confederate States of America did end up winning, then who knows what society would be like today.

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1984 Free Response

In 1984 George Orwell tried to portray what type of future the world was heading to. This future he created was harsh, and it seems to be unfathomable, a world without love, family, and emotion. I think a government could never put that many constraints on a society, because in today's world you can literally find out anything that you would like to know with just one click. I can not say that i like, or dislike, this book. One of the reason for this, is because you do not find all of the answers to the questions that the book makes you seek. All of the main characters also die so it is a very dark ending, which I do not like. If i were to rewrite it, Winston and Julia would end up finding the resistance group and take down Big Brother, not fall into a trap. Even though it did not answer all the questions that you wanted to be answered and it had a dark ending, it did teach me something. It taught me that the freedom to speak and think as you please is one of the most valuable rights you can have

Final Response

Media literacy has been an interesting venture into a new realm of class that I have never been in. It has been a great experience and all believe it is a class that will be very beneficial to my college experiences, because it has taught me the gist working online because supposedly pretty much everything is online now in college. This online entity is the difference between this language arts class and all of the other ones that I have taken before. Apps and Tools like schoology made this class a lot easier from the stand point of turning in homework. For instance, if I were to miss school I could easily still turn in an assignment even if I was not present in the class. However, sometimes using the internet did make the class harder. For an example if the computers were being slow, or your internet was down at you house. All in all it was a good idea to have the internet based class solely because of the benefit it will have on our college future. In the future of this class, I do think that there could be some minimal changes. The first is that classes should get more computers so for big projects each student has more time to complete it. Also I think that there should be class sets of Ipads, so that you don’t have to be on a computer to finish/work on assignments and they are portable. Without these changes I do believe that this class’s structural integrity will still suffice to create a learning opportunity, for all the students, and create a learning experience for a class that is deeply intertwined with the internet.