How to Improve your health and life

By: Ryan Vasquez

What You Wanna Start With

There are many ways to improve your health. For some people this is a simple process. On the other hand there are others that improving your health is impossible. Today were gonna find out just a few steps on how to be healthy, and be happy with your life.

How To Improve Your Diet

Improving your health should always start by improving your diet. But it takes alot to improve.

  1. Get rid of all the junk food that is in your fridge/pantry
  2. Head to the store and buy your recommended foods on the food pyramid
  3. Keep a chart of the foods you've eaten for the month
  4. Have a reward for yourself after eating healthy for a week/month

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How To Stay Fit

5. Staying on task

Staying fit can be both, but it could also be tough remembering what you have to do on certain days. Try keeping a scheduled on when you have to Work out in the gym, go jogging, or even play sports.

What Else Will Keep You Healthy

More Tips

There are a few other ways to stay healthy (keep in mind it's not an alternate)

9. Always have a good night sleep.

10. Have someone to workout with you, one that will encourage you.

11. Have a common goal. What you wanna get out of working out.

12. It'll help if you stay positive. It will all be worth it in the end

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