Happy Hanukkah

This week we learned all about the Hanukkah holiday. The children enjoyed playing, singing, and making a dreidel. They explored the feel of clay as they made a dreidel. All week they counted, sorted, and played with gelt (golden coins). Their favorite may have been the chocolate gold coins. We made a Star of David, I connected this with a lesson all about triangles. How many triangles do you see in the star? Hanukkah is 8 nights, I used this connection to delve into the number 8 with the students. We practiced cutting with scissors focusing on the correct grip and walking safely with scissors. The outcome was a blue Hanukkah Friendship Chain. On Friday the class prepared the traditional Hanukkah food potato latkas and enjoyed them with applesauce and a jelly doughnut.

Next week: we will make gingerbread houses on Thursday, feel free to come in at 11:20 and help us create these holiday masterpieces.

Enjoy this mild weathered weekend,

Ms. Kiersty and Ms. Daisy