The Story of a Holocaust Survivor

How did this change the prisoners?

The prisoners changed in many ways. Prisoners lost their faith in God, even the ones who had devoted their lives prior to this. The prisoners in the camps also lost any since of sympathy, people would be dead and they really wouldn't care. Many of the people trapped in the camp also thought that it was everyone for themselves, they no longer cared that they just killed their dad, as long as they got their bread.

Themes of This Novle

1. To get people to realize what they did to people in WW2 concentration camps.

2. To share the story of someone who beat all odds, and survived the evil doings of Hitler.

3. It also was the fact that after all that the Germans did to the Jewish people, they never sought revenge.

Hitler Killed SIX MILLION Jews

What does this novle reveal about you as a human?

This novel should show that people can be extremely evil. We as a human race, need to stick together. We should respect everyone and treat everyone as equal as you are. This shows that people can have a dark side, but that was the past, so we need to use this knowledge of this event to prevent anything like this ever happening again.

By: Andrew Gagnon