Save The Chimpanzee

Friday Group-Jordyn- Ariana- Arun

Description and Diet

The chimpanzee has long dark hair all around its body. The Chimpanzee has arms that are larger than its legs and large ears. Its long hands are shaped for grasping onto trees. The main foods for the chimpanzees are fruits, leaves, nuts, seeds, and stems but the also eat bird eggs and insects.

Why Endangered?

What we can do to save the chimpanzee's is by planting trees for homes and stop hunting the chimpanzee's.Many others are creating Nurseries to protect these animals from being extinct.These are what we can do to protect the chimpanzee's from extinction


The Population of the chimpanzee has decreased because there habitat is being destroyed.They are also being hunted by humans, Leopards, and Eagles. They are less than 333,000 chimpanzee's left in the wild.

Habitat and Enviorment

Chimpanzees live mainly in humid forests but also live is dry grasslands. They live in both trees and on the ground. They live in herds of around 80 or less.
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Interesting Facts

1. They walk in a way called knuckle walking. (using their knuckles to support their body)

2.Chimpanzee's are members of the mammalian's older primates.

3.The chimpanzee's belong to the Homininae family


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