What do they do?

  • Perform surgeries
  • Do optical tests

Basic Surgeries and their purposes

  1. LASIK surgery(Laser Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis) - A surgery in which a laser performs keratomileusis, or the reshaping of the cornea, which allows you to see better.
  2. Cataract surgery - A surgery that removes the cataract, or the thing in your eye that makes you see everything blurry, by giving you a new lens.


yearly salary depends on how long you have been doing it:

  • 1 year = $200,000 a year
  • 2 years = $225,000 a year
  • 3 years = 250,000 a year
By your tenth year, your salary is over $350,000 a year.


  • You have to have a bachelor's degree, which is 4 years.
  • Take a 4 year Doctor of Medicine program.
  • Live for 3 years as an ophthalmologist assistant.
  • finally you need to get a Ph.D and go back to school for a year.

Career Ladder

Since your education takes such a long time, you can go straight to your job:)

Employment Outlook

Most start their own business, but if they don't they can be hired by other vision places.

Related Jobs

  • Optician- fits glasses on people
  • Optometrist- assists ophthalmologists during a surgery
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Skills Needed

You have to be social to make your patients want to come back.

You got to know how to perform surgeries.

YAYS for this career

  • You get paid more than most career.
  • You get a chance to let people better see the world.
  • You get to study the human eye.
  • You get to make friends with your patients.

Disadvantages for this career

  • You have to go to school for 12 years.
  • You take the risk of failing an operation
  • You need all A's to get into medical school so one B and you're out.
  • This is not the career for you if you are grossed out by the human eye.


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