John Ambrose Fleming

"Father of modern elctronics

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· Fleming was born on November 29, 1849

· He was born in Britain

· He attended the University of Cambridge

· He got a job as a professor

· He died on April 18, 1945

· He invented the Thermionic/Fleming valve (1904)

· It rectified radio waves- made it easier to detect radio signals, thus improving radio communications

· If he had never lived to invent the Fleming valve, we probably wouldn’t have efficient cell service/radio(music)/some internet and television networks

· During this time period, the Wright brothers flew a loop in their Flyer 2, and the U.S. left Cuba, this was also during the Great Depression

· (q-11) He had seven siblings, he was also the oldest

· (q-22) He created the basis for radio communications

· (q-18) His first wife died in 1907, he married his second wife, Olive Franks, in 1933

· (q-23) He was partially inspired by Karl Ferdinand Braun

· (q-14) He found a way to detect radio signals

· (q-16) “We have completely rejected the theory of evolution.”

· (q-20) He received the Royal Society of Arts (highest distinction), Gold Albert Medal (1928), Institution of Electrical Engineers Faraday Medal (1933), and was knighted in 1928

· (q-15) He had financial issues going through college

· (q-12) He built model engines and ships at age 11

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