University of Texas at Austin

Masters UTeach Urban Teachers: Teacher Preperation Program

Credit Hours Required

Basic Course Requirements (27 hours)

Research Requirements (3 hours)

Electives: Select 6 hours

Electives Outside the Department (minimum: 6 hours)


Education Degree Plans Offered





Required Courses

Multicultural Curriculum and Teaching

Literacy Across the Disciplines

Teaching Compostion

Advanced English Methods

Education Research and Design

Second Language Acquisition

Secondary School Teaching Practicum: English

Teaching Secondary English and Reading


  • Electives:
  • -Young Adult Literature
  • -Orality, Literacy and Technology Literacy and Culture

  • -History of Reading Instruction
  • -Research on Adolescent Literacy In and Out of School
  • -Children’s Literature
  • -Literacy Leadership for Change
  • -Language and Linguistics in Education
  • -Reading Difficulties
  • -The Art of the Picture Book
  • -Literacy Acquisition
  • -Sociolinguistics in Research and Teaching
  • -Issues and Trends in Literacy
  • Electives Out of Department

  • -Cross Cultural Interactions in Multicultural Special Education
  • -Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in Special Educations
  • -Psychology of Learning
  • -Instructional Psychology
  • -Child and Adolescent Social and Cognitive Development
  • Other Information

    Time it would take if you took four courses a semester: 1 year and a half

    Certification Test: English Language Arts and Reading Texas Certification Test