The Giant Squid

By:Emily Rangel

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Its huge, its massive, its a colossal squid! The colossal squid has a torpedo shaped body and can grow to be 40 ft long. It's characterized his tiny teeth and sucker covered tentacles, arms covered with sharp hooks, and humongous eyes.

MI CASA ES TU CASA (my home is your home)

Colossal Squids live in Antarctic waters, but come as far north as the southern waters of New Zealand. They live in depths of 1000 meters or more. If you ever want to see a Colossal squid head down to the Antarctic waters, and you might find a female colossal squid. It's rare to spot a colossal squid, but even more rare to find a male colossal squid.

Diet & Predator Behavior

Because of their enormous size, the Colossal Squid eats a big volume of large fish out there. They are very powerful so they don’t have any trouble capturing and consuming large fish. They are able to chew of chunks that they can swallow and it can take them several minutes to consume one large fish that they have captured.