Roman Artistic Expression


Roman architecture was influenced by Greek work but changed on a whole other level. The Romans took Greek architecture to another level which then lead to Neoclassical being influenced by the Romans. Neoclassical is seen now on western buildings.
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Aqueducts changed the way people lived by making it easier to get water. Romans used aqueducts to transport water from the source to a town. Aqueducts allowed people to live futher from a water source and allowed them to live in areas that were unusable for agriculture but now were.
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Triumphal Arches

One of the Roman's architectural monuments with rich decorations such as, defined details, and inscriptions, which were mostly bronze letters. There were over fifty scattered around Rome but, unfortunately, most didn't survive.
The Romans were great innovaters. They learned and perfected many techniques to use, and they combinded different techniques with new material to create structures like the basilica, triumphal arches, and the monumental aqueduct.