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How do I view sent email messages in OAKS?

To view messages you've sent from within OAKS:

  1. Click the Message Alerts icon (envelope) located in the mini bar that runs along the top of your OAKS screen to reveal options seen in screenshot below.
  2. Click the Go to Email link.
  3. Now from the "Compose New Message" page, click the Sent Mail button
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Click here to learn how to install &

manage extensions


This is an ipad app that costs $ 7.99

Explain Everything - “Classic” version that allows

you to create slides using an infinite canvas, use a

laser pointer, draw in any color, add shapes, text,

math equations, videos, images and audio files.

And record everything you do within the app

(even yourself while using the front-facing

camera) to create high quality, creative and

valuable content for others to learn from!

If you are looking for the current version of the

app that includes real-time collaboration,

integration with Explain Everything Discover,

awesome new drawing and shape features, please

search for Explain Everything™ Interactive

Whiteboard and look for the white icon:




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