Dynamic Broncos Weekly Update

April 27th - May 1st


It is hard to believe we are in our final weeks of school! Third graders will be working hard over these next five weeks. But we will also be balancing our hard work with lots of fun! Here are some important dates to add to your calendars:

Important Dates:

Thursday, April 30th - Dynamic Broncos Poem in Your Pocket Day

Sunday, May 3rd - Concert for Financial Aid

Monday, May 4th - 9:45am Late Start

Wednesday, May 6th - Field Trip to see a performance of Peter Pan at the Upper School

Wednesday, May 13th - Third Grade Field Trip to the Blanton Museum

Saturday, May 16th - Diversity Dash, 5K, Upper School

Tuesday, May 26th - Third Grade End of Year Party

Thursday, May 28th - Field Day


Thursday is Poem in Your Pocket Day! Please help your child choose a poem and practice reading it to share with the class on Thursday.

Reading Workshop

The Dynamic Broncos have been learning so much fascinating new information from their nonfiction texts. We continue to learn strategies that nonfiction readers use to access information, including summarizing and finding the main idea and supporting details and taking notes on what we have learned so that we can teach others about our topic.

We have been learning from authors of nonfiction books, but in our next unit of study in Writing Workshop, the Dynamic Broncos will become authors of their own information texts! Tonight, third graders will brainstorm up to ten "expert" topics. They will choose one of these as a topic for their information books.


We began Unit 8 of of Vocabulary today! Our twelve new words are:













Help your child learn and use these words in their conversations over the next weeks. We will have our vocabulary assessment on Wednesday, May 6th.


We began our study of Geometry at the end of last week. We have started our study by looking at plane figures. We discussed lines, line segments and angles on Friday. Today we talked about polygons. Ask your child about to tell you about what defines a polygon. We will be discussing types of triangles and quadrilaterals, as well as solid figures over the next week.


Please check for Spanish updates regularly by following the link below:


Trash Band!

Check out some pictures of the Dynamic Broncos rocking out last week in Music! Third grade musicians turned items you might find in the trash into musical instruments. I wish we had some video to show you so that you could hear these musicians at work. You'll just need to use your imagination!


Nightly Reading -
  • Readers continue to build their stamina and shape their reading lives by reading, logging and jotting nightly. Readers should be jotting 1-2 thoughtful ideas each night. Please check in with your child to be sure they are completing their nightly reading assignments.
Dreambox -
  • Due Monday: 35 - 40 minutes of Dreambox. Rather than assigning levels, this week we will aim for minutes spent on Dreambox.
Language Arts -
  • Expert Topic list due tomorrow (Tuesday).
  • Select and practice a poem to share on Thursday.
  • Vocabulary Assessment on Wednesday, May, 6th.