The Life and Times of Mr. Bean

By: Justin G.


An animal must be able to survive, in order to thrive. An important feature some organisms must have is the ability to hide in plain site. Camouflage is a great way to do this. Without it, many species would not be around. Mr. Bean is an example of an animal that uses this to their advantage.

Mr. Bean's adaptations

Mr. Bean is an extraordinary organism. It can survive in many environments due to extremely amazing adaptations. To start, it can pull its legs and tail into its body in order to stay undetected. it can also shrink, to look more like a bean. When the species was first discovered, they were large, and could easily be seen, but after years of being killed, they are now rarely spotted. Their camouflage is another great adaptation. A Mr. Bean can change color to blend with any type of bean it sees. This is extremely important for maintaining a low profile in the wild.

Mr. Beans's Habitat

The habitat of a Mr. Bean is the most important part of its life. If it is born where there are few to no beans, it will not last long. Also, if it is not near water, it will have little chance of survival. Anywhere with beans and water though it will have a good shot of survival. A farm is the ideal place to go. Our school, with the beans art ,and water fountains, can house many of the creatures. They eat and drink very little.

Mr. Bean in the Real World

"Chip chop chop" - A hungry Mr. Bean

Mr. Bean's Meals

Mr. Bean is small, and therefore can not eat many things. It is most known for eating beans, although it can eat other small foods as well. It has razor sharp teeth which make tearing off pieces of a bean easy, and quick. It drinks water, but not much due to a small stomach. When it is eating, Mr. Bean usually deploys its legs, in case it needs to make a speedy getaway.

Mr. Bean's Role

A little animal can't be that important right? Wrong. Without these little critters running around the world, we would have too many beans. Thanks to these guys, the number of beans in this world is kept at a sustainable level. This is Mr. Bean's niche.

So next time you see one package of beans left at the store, remember who to thank.