The Election of 1800

Thomas Jefferson vs. John Adams

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson is the leader of the democratic-republican party. Lots of people were on the ropes with who should we support France or Britain; but really, who wants to support the country we just broke away from? Jefferson supports France on being our friend and biggest trade partner. John Adams believes that the Alien and Sedition Acts is the answer to all of the problems, but if you don't agree with what the President says then you will get put in jail. Thomas Jefferson doesn't think this law is right, not everyone is always going to agree with everything you say; sometimes another opinion will make you see a different perspective of something. Thomas Jefferson believes that we should have a strong national government but states need to have some say in the matters.

Vote For Jefferson!

You will want a strong leader as your president! Jefferson is kind & generous, wise, determined, level- headed, and a great leader