Michael Travis


1. Nobody cares what you are doing every hour of the day.

2. Do not post personal things on Facebook. If you need to tell somebody something, message them or text them

3. If you post something about another person, expect there to be drama!

4. If you are posting a status more than three times a day, you need to find something new to do.


1. Do not type in all caps. The other person will think you are yelling at them.

2. Do not email anything you wouldn't say in person, because once its on the internet, you can't take it back.

3. Make sure that you fill the subject line with something specific, otherwise the person will think it is junk mail.

Making Profiles

1. When you make a profile on anything, if you are not sure about any of the questions it asks, then don't make the profile.

2. Make sure you don't add anybody that you don't know. You never know who could be the actual creator of that profile

3. Make it with your parents to make sure that the site is safe and you are not answering anything to personal.

Be Careful What you Post

A few people did an experiment. They only knew her Name, about how old she was, and the sport she plays. They then started their experiment, and within 20 minutes, they knew where she lived, her age, the school she goes to, and her parents. So Make sure you are always sure that you aren't posting anything to personal.