Unbound Winners


Unbound Readathon Winners!


Riverbend Treatment Center, Missouri, Final Score: 1854


Chesterfield Juvenile Detention, Virginia, Final Score: 1751


West Kearney High, Nebraska, Final Score: 909


Shuman Detention, Pennsylvania, Final Score: 1162

Above and Beyond Teacher Award

Teacher Name: Kendra Hendrix

School Name: Owensboro Day Treatment

State: Kentucky

Kendra's participation in Unbound deserves to be rewarded. She brought the most competitive book reviews to the competition and in turn had the most published for her school. Kendra took advantage of all of the Unbound opportunities and provided an environment where students could feel successful in the readathon. She shared with us how test results have been on the rise since Unbound kicked off. We are very proud to send Kendra a Kindle for all of her hard work!

“I cannot begin to explain the impact this contest has had on my reading classes. Their response and enthusiasm has been amazing to witness. I am so unbelievably proud of these kids. We are making plans to continue with another contest of our own because of the way they've responded. Even other teachers in our building have noticed the students working hard in class, filling every minute of extra time with reading. Their test scores have improved, their behavior has improved, and their attitude toward reading has GREATLY improved. We are thrilled. Thank you again for this opportunity. ”

-Kendra Hendrix, Kentucky

Most Inspired Student Award

Owensboro Day Treatment: Alex L.

I want to nominate Alex L. as my most improved student. Alex began this contest as someone who claimed he used to love reading in elementary school, but he admitted he hadn’t completed a book independently since that time. During February, he eagerly read every day. He discovered that he still loved reading. He began reading a small chapter book, but he quickly breezed through several lengthy books, including one full trilogy--and enjoyed reading each one. Another HUGE reason I selected Alex as my nomination is because of the enormous improvement of his MAP scores. Only two weeks into February, Alex took his winter MAP reading test. His score jumped 32 points! I have no doubt that this contest had a direct impact on his score.
This contest allowed Alex to shine in a way he hasn’t been able to since arriving at our program. He became a leader in the classroom this month, recommending books to peers and encouraging each of them to read at home every night. This contest, and the reading it inspired in Alex, has made a profound impact on this young man. He has found success in the classroom, which hasn’t happened for him in a very long time. He found a connection to his peers, which has proven to be difficult for him at our schools. He discovered something he enjoys, and joy has been fleeting for sure in his life these days.
Please consider Alex L. as one of your most improved readers. Because of the passion he’s discovered due to his involvement in this program, I believe Alex will be a lifelong reader. Thank you for your consideration.

Pinehill Alternative School: Jeremy L.

I feel this award most befits Jeremy because he was very reluctant about reading. When he came to me, shortly before the contest began, I wasn't sure if he wasn't reading because he didn't know how, or if it was due to his lack of knowing how. He struggles with reading, but he wanted to participate in the contest. He waited until class was over to ask me for a book. I gave him one and he told me, "It may take me a while to read this book, but I'm going to do my best." I was amazed at his desire to pick the book up and read. Whenever he did read, he would come into the classroom eager to give me his minutes read. I applaud Jeremy and I'm proud of him for taking the first step and picking the book up to read.

Breathitt Regional Juvenile Detention Center: James C.

James told me he has never read a book unless he has been inside a facility. He says he does not like to read and can always find other things to do when he is not in a facility. He describes reading as being entertaining and helps him to get his mind off things that bother him. "It is a positive way to help me pass the time", he says. He does not like to read and was unwilling to read when he first arrived at our facility. While being at our facility he has witnessed other students on his unit reading every spare minute and also the youth worker staff have been very good role models for him as most all of them have a book with them at all times. Once the UNBOUND challenge was discussed and we told him he could take Accelerated Reader tests on the books he read and earn rewards he began reading right away. So, far he as read 7 books and passed 7 quizzes. James is now reading every time he gets the opportunity.

Best Read In Party!

Joey Nice School: Eckerd Youth Challenge Program

On Monday we celebrated the "Wonderful World of Reading" by traveling from class to class with our reading passports. If a student read for the entire class, his passport got a stamp. Those students getting all 6 stamps will be treated to a "World Class" luncheon! The numbers for this event didn't lie...we had almost all 60 boys in the program participate in the event.

Sue Buley: Adair YDC

For a culminating activity, we did an art contest (fortunately we have a former art teacher). Students were asked to draw a character or scene depicting a favorite book. They were given three class periods over the course of three days to complete the task. On the morning of March 1, the artwork was put on display without student names. Staff throughout the facility came by and cast their votes. We had first and second place winners that were issued very nice certificates. On the afternoon of March 1st, we treated all the students to a pizza party and movie. The artwork will be on display for the remainder of the school year.

Book Review Winners

Becky Jackson

Chase R.- Divergent

Bonnie Shaw

Luciano v.- Always Running

Dominic R- Game of Thrones

Brian Barrett

Yovanski S- Thieves Paradise

Jason B- Tyrell

Tykorie E.- A child Called It

Debra Drake

Casey W.- Maze Runner

Elizabeth Moody

Walter H- Endangered

Flo Cancilla

Qwintis N- The Rose that Grew from Concrete

Milo M- Tyrell

De'angelo, H- We've Got A Job

Joey Nice

Christopher J.- New Moon

Austin R.- Paper Towns

Dominic C.- Getting the Girl

Kelly Stone

Caleb T- Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Kendra Hendrix

Dawnisha B- Malcolm X

Zach H- Diary of A Wimpy Kid

Kayley A- Crank

Daniel H- Life and Death

Nevaeh H- Finding Fish

Jessica P- Darkness Before Dawn

Kelsea H- Daddy's Climbing Tree

Portia H- Vampire Academy

Leona Schexnayder

Jonathen B.- Shiver

Linda Rider

Breanna P.- When Reason Breaks

Linda Wulf

Jacob J- Twilight

Lorene Hall

Cody K- Ranger's Apprentice

Jose C- Cop Town

Sequoia S- Nobody's Angel

Lucinda Mills

Jalyn R.- Better than perfect

Sandy Harty

Bennett L.- Hitchikers

Johny C- Nazi Hunters

Andrew S- Perks of Being a Wallflower

Sarah Moilanen

Jeff G- Homeboyz

Tracie Musso

Kaylee C- Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

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Favorite Unbound Quotes!

Tom Pine, Mat-su Secondary

I just wanted to thank you for allowing our school to participate in this reading initiative. I have worked with struggling readers my entire career and sought out high interest books for teens. This program helped already reading students to read even more and discuss with the class the books they are reading, which has been very rewarding. I did not hear about the readathon until several days after the deadline to enter. Next year I will be looking forward to participating again with a new class of students. Thank you for doing this for students that are sometimes forgotten.

Linda Wulf, Naselle Youth Camp School

Thank you! It was fun seeing our guys rally around this reading contest. At first I did doubt whether some young men were reading as much as they said, but as I looked at the names of the high volume readers, they were the ones every day turning in books and asking for more series and books to read. I'm glad they were inspired and look forward to their excitement next year.

Charmaine McCants-Collins, East River Academy

A great journey! The children are reading like crazy so it was worth it.

Stacey Trasher, Riverbend Treatment Center

I am so proud of what my boys accomplished throughout this Read-A-Thon. Each one of them set personal goals either in completing how many books they would read in a week or how many minutes they would read. They raised one if not both. I have always loved reading and I'm so excited to see my students reading. I am so proud of each and every one of them.