Nail Designing and Baking

Alexis Booms' Dream Job

Come check out my bakery!

My bakery is going to have gourmet desserts of all kinds. The thing that makes it special, is that I will do your nails while you sit and enjoy my delectable sweets.

Why Start This?

All my life I have enjoyed baking and painting my nails. I really enjoy them both, so why not put them together and make a full time career and business.

How I am Going to Accomplish This

In order for me to make this dream come true, I would need to go to culinary school to perfect my delicious creations. Then, I will go to a beauty trade school to get a certificate to paint nails professionally. It might be quite a bit of work, but in the end I think it will all pay off. My customers will consist of regular bakery customers and manicure customers. This will be the perfect job for me because it will be something that I love to do.

Nails, Sweets, and More!

Guaranteed to have something for everyone!

(I personally painted all of these nail designs posted above.)