The Great Depression


How the Great Depression started

The Great Depression During the summer of 1929 when the Stock Market crashed. During the Great Depression people were losing jobs and the people that got to keep their jobs were paid very little. the U.S experienced a 46.8% in factory production. Not only the U.S experienced the Great Depression but many other country's did too.

Living in the Great Depression

In the time of the Great Depression many people were poor and were living in poverty. Bread lines, and Soup kitchens were increasing across the world. Many people did not trust the banks with their money so they requested cash withdrawal. In 1932 President FDR was elected, and Adolf Hitler Nazi Regime started. Which would end up starting WWII.

The U.S is on its way back up

The U.S would have never gotten out of the Great Depression without WWII. WWII sent American factories into rapid production and rocketed the U.S out of the Great Depression. The Great Depression lasted from 1929 through 1939 and was the longest most sever depression the U.S had ever experienced.