Your Responsibility

in the Digital World


This form of bullying is harrasing someone using a mobile phone, E-mail, Facebok... this does not only go on in one place (e.g. school) but is everywhere you go; this makes it arguably the most harmful type of bullying because it can cause things like anxiety and can even make someone do things like self-harming or occasionaly even commit suicide. Because of these reasons, to do this is illegal and you could easily get in trouble with the police and you may be expelled from school.

You should NEVER do this and if you have been doing this STOP RIGHT NOW becuase the longer you carry on, the more trouble you will get into, and the person recieving these messages will feel even worse. If this is happening to you, or you know someone who has these messages being sent to them, go to a responsible adult straight away becuase it will stop is you say something. Only tell a friend if you have no one else to go to because they could unintentially make it worse and I can't imagine anybody wanting that. Finally, remember that this kind of bullying can be evidenced because anything that goes on the internet will be perminantly recorded, so if you tell the police, they could track it down.


Sexting is when you send indecent images of yourself to someone via text, E-mail, Facebook... If you are under the age of 18 you WILL be prosecuted for sending or opening one of these images; you will not get in trouble if you do not open one of these images. To go into more detail, even if you are over the age of 18, you will still get in trouble of sending an indecent image of a child to anyone, and you will then be registered as a paedophile.

In my opinion it is a VERY BAD thing to do, and even if you are being preassured into doing it, STOP doing it and tell someone about it because you will never have to feel as if you have to do that with them ever again. Obviously if you are an adult you are allowed to do it, but I think it is a very immature thing for an adult to do because the reciever of this message could easily send it to anyone and you will not like that.

General Harassment

If someone comments on a photo, or Facebook status, using your sexuality, faith, race... as a way of insulting you, they are committing a crime; this is against the protection from harassment act (1997) and you WILL get in trouble with the police in some way.

Personally I believe that this is the WORST way to offend someone simply because homophobia and racism are both very outdated subjects, and to say something that appears to offend someone in that way is not an accepted practice. Even if your releigion does not agree with their faith or sexuality, it DOES NOT give you the right to give random abuse like that, if they did it to you, I can't imagine that you would accept it, would you?...

The Criminal age of Responsibility

The criminal age of responsibility is 10 years and above. This means that if you do anything that is against the law, you will be prosecuted and will somehow get into trouble; that could be getting suspended from school to being sent to a young offenders unit. It is silly to go against the law because you may bebefit you at the start, but then it will, in some way, bite you back.