December 13, 2022

Weekly 75-minute early release Fridays for the 2023-24 school year

Starting September 2023, all Edmonds School District schools will have weekly 75-minute early release Fridays. That means students will get out of school 75 minutes earlier on that day than they do the rest of the week. For example, if a student's current dismissal time is 3:50 p.m., on Fridays it will be 2:35 p.m.

The weekly 75-minute early release Fridays provide more consistency for families and staff when it comes to a weekly schedule than our current early release schedule.

In 2018 we surveyed families about potential weekly early release days, and the preference from families was that the early release days be on Fridays.

The weekly 75-minute early release Fridays will replace our current half-day early releases, with the exception of the last day of school and elementary conferences in the fall.

Please visit our website for answers to common questions and answers.

Starting in September 2023: Weekly 75-minute early release Fridays

A message from the Superintendent

Hello families, staff and students:

As the days grow shorter, I find myself reflecting on my time so far in Edmonds and my deep gratitude for everyone I have met who has helped me learn and grow in order to support our district. In my (nearly) six months here, I’ve been able to meet so many of you who have shared the successes and challenges you see in our district and the hope and optimism you see as we move into the future. I’ve come to know Edmonds School District, even in this short time, as a place where a passionate community works together in the best interest of students.

I look forward to our return in the new year and hope I can meet many more of you in our schools, at events and in our community in the coming month.

With appreciation,

Rebecca Miner

Thank you district staff!

From assessing the district roads at 3 a.m., to clearing downed trees on our campuses, shoveling more than 35 school entrances, and working throughout last weekend to fix the heat at Lynnwood High School, we are fortunate to have such dedicated transportation, maintenance and custodial staff.

Please pass along your thanks if you see them on campus!

College Place Elementary: Large tree blocks the back entrance. Woodway Center: Power line and branches down.
Meadowdale High School: Freshly plowed Meadowdale High School. We have many more school campuses to go! Meadowdale Middle School: Thank you custodial staff! Shoveling the pathways takes a lot of work!

Snow make-up day

After wrapping up November and starting December with cold, snowy and windy weather, we want to extend our deepest thanks to our staff and families for your hard work and patience.

Since school was canceled Wednesday, Nov. 30, Tuesday Feb. 21, 2023, will be a regular school day.
February 21, Full Day of School. Snow Make-Up Day #1.

Safety reminder

Whenever severe weather hits, please remember to walk, travel and drive carefully. Use extra care when going to and from school, and discuss additional safety precautions with your family, such as where to safely walk or wait for a bus if your usual path is still snow-covered. We know you are the primary decision-maker for your children, and count on each parent or guardian to make individual decisions about their children’s safety.

Combating flu, RSV, COVID-19 and the common cold

We are seeing an uptick in student absenteeism due to illness. This includes cases of COVID-19, flu and RSV. It is clear our families are keeping students home when they are sick and we want to extend our sincere thanks for your help in keeping our schools healthy.

Snohomish Health District Health Officer Dr. James Lewis joined the medical community and 30 other local health officers last week to recommend masking among other mitigation measures this winter.

“As health officers and health care leaders working to improve the health of Washington residents, we recommend that everyone wear a high-quality, well-fitting mask when around others in indoor spaces to protect against both acquiring and spreading these infections to others,” said Lewis.

Other methods to prevent the spread of illness.

  1. Practice good hand hygiene.

  2. Cover coughs and sneezes.

  3. Wear a well-fitting mask, as recommended by Snohomish Health District.

  4. Get vaccinated with your annual flu vaccine, COVID-19 vaccine, and bivalent booster.

  5. Stay home when sick.

The Snohomish Health District urges you to stay home if you are experiencing the following symptoms:

  • APPEARANCE, FATIGUE BEHAVIOR – Unusually tired, pale, lack of appetite, difficult to wake, confused or irritable


  • EYES – White or yellow drainage, vision change, and/or redness of the eyelid or skin around the eye, itchiness, pain or sensitivity to light

  • FEVER OR CHILLS – Temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. Student/staff member must be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school/work




  • DIARRHEA – Watery stools within the last 24 hours

  • NAUSEA OR VOMITING – Vomiting within the past 24 hours

  • RASH – Body rash, especially with fever or itching


Please check out our COVID Health/Safety website for more information.

The eyes have it! Vision screening wrapping up

Legally we must vision screen all students in kindergarten through 3rd grade, as well as 5th and 7th grade students to make sure their eyes are growing and developing well. Discovering vision needs early can prevent other issues later, such as struggles with learning or coordination due to difficulties seeing clearly.

If your student’s vision screening suggests the need for a full eye exam, it could be because your student is not seeing clearly. An eye exam is different from a vision screening and is done by an optometrist or ophthalmologist to identify the problem and find a way to address it. The eye doctor will do a more thorough exam of the eye, can diagnose problems and prescribe corrective lenses.

We understand vision care can vary with insurance plans. If you need assistance or do not have insurance coverage, please contact your school nurse who can connect you with resources funded through Foundry10 and National Vision Cares that can get your student’s eyes fully checked.

Top three takeaways for eye health:

  1. Get students in for regular wellness checks that include vision care.

  2. Eye health is closely tied to overall health. Undiagnosed vision problems can create concerns for learning and development.

  3. Keep eyes healthy with a nutritious diet, plenty of sleep, clean hands, and protection from harsh light, sports injuries, or too much screen time.

December is Allyship month

During each month in the Edmonds School District, we honor an equity theme. Our monthly equity theme in December is Allyship. This is the ongoing process of strengthening relationships built on trust and accountability with marginalized individuals.
December is Allyship Month

Sno-Isle Library student accounts

Why should I sign my student up for a free Sno-Isle Library account? Here are just a few of the many benefits:

  • Homework help: Find the perfect resource to help with your next report or assignment. Get one-on-one tutoring from Brainfuse HelpNow.

  • Library collection: A student account allows checkout of up to 30 digital items on OverDrive at a time and up to 10 physical items.

  • Remote printing: Use remote printing and pick up prints at any library. Black and white and color printing is available.

How do I sign my student up?

Check out this step-by-step process, which is available in eight languages.

How do I know if my student is eligible?
Students must have a home address that pays public library taxes in order to be eligible for this library account. All students receiving McKinney-Vento services are eligible.

November high school students of the month

Congratulations to these 15 students!

Each month, our high school programs select students to be recognized for their accomplishments and achievements. The photos and names of the November students are included below, and more information about each of these students is available on the Edmonds School District News website.
Students of the Month. Edmonds Heights K-12: Conner Conroy and Meg Isohata. Edmonds-Woodway High: Finn Archer and Cameron Siecke. Lynnwood High: Peter Garcia and Zara Noor Siddiqui. Meadowdale High: Zekhri Hagos and Kawane Batista Sousa.
Students of the Month. Mountlake Terrace High: Jack Bode and Jazzma Pennerman. Scriber Lake High: Michael Hart and Emily Clarke. Edmonds eLearning Academy: Nakayea Stewart. Project Search: Marika Stazel. VOICE: Ariana Vazquez.

October and November Meadowdale High School Junior students of the month

Each month, the Rotary Club of Edmonds selects a Meadowdale High School junior to honor as Junior student of the month, based upon recommendations from staff. Here are the most recent selections from October and November.

Meadowdale High School Junior students of the month: Matthew Thorp, October; Vanessa Ho, November.

Retirees’ organization awards grants to nine district staff

Sno-King School Retirees, an organization of working and retired employees of the Edmonds, Northshore, and Shoreline School districts, awarded nine Edmonds School District teachers with 2022-23 school year grants.
Meghan Galvan, Kristi Pihl, Amber Shelley, Matt Grover, Julie Ledford,  Susan Sellers, Brian Kelly, Kathrine Lowery, Amy Rust.

The recipients, and their grant-funded projects to enhance learning for students:

Cedar Way Elementary

  • Meghan Galvan, Kindergarten:
    Imagine Children’s Museum’s “Creature Features,” an in-school presentation to enhance the science curriculum.

  • Kristi Pihl, 1st and 2nd grade:
    A Rick Hartman workshop in which students apply engineering principles to build rubber band-propelled boats.

College Place Middle School

  • Amber Shelley, P.E. specialist:
    A floorball stick set for P.E.

Hilltop Elementary

  • Matt Grover, 5th grade:
    Books for a fantasy genre study.

Lynndale Elementary

  • Julie Ledford, Title 1/Reading Intervention:
    Two PhonicsQ sets for explicit phonics instruction and strengthened decoding skills.

Lynnwood Elementary

  • Susan Sellers, P.E. specialist:
    An EZ net system for quick set up and take down in the cafeteria, a secondary P.E. area.

Seaview Elementary

  • Brian Kelly, 1st grade:
    Shelving and book bins for his classroom library.

  • Kathrine Lowery, 4th grade:
    2 Finch 2.0 robots to enhance the science curriculum and provide a setting in which to practice a range of problem solving and collaboration skills.

  • Amy Rust, Kindergarten: Sets of phonics books for students to practice their decoding skills.

Is Scriber Lake High School the right fit?

Scriber Lake High School is a small, alternative learning high school of approximately 200 students within the Edmonds School District, geared towards students who:

  • Have struggled or continue to struggle in their current school setting

  • Would benefit from a smaller class sizes

  • Would benefit from more one-on-one attention

  • Are experiential learners

  • Would benefit from careful monitoring of progress

  • Could use a chance for a fresh start

Scriber Lake will host a virtual information meeting at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 4.

Students and families interested in attending Scriber Lake first need to attend the informational meeting before applying to attend. The goal of the meeting is to welcome students who are looking for a new and different approach to school.

To register for the meeting, please complete the form here.

Upcoming Zoom meetings (and school start date):

  • Jan. 4 (Jan. 31 start date)

  • March 8 (April 17 start date)

  • May 3, June 7, Aug. 16 (First day of 2023-24 school year)

School Board meetings

Join our next School Board meeting at 6:30 p.m., Tuesday Dec. 13.

You can participate in person at the Educational Services Center (district office), or online via live stream.

To watch the meeting online, find the agendas, and review the meeting minutes, please visit our website.

Save the Date

See the upcoming events below. You can also view our district’s online calendar for the latest information on our website.

  • Tuesday, Dec. 13: 6:30 p.m. School Board Meeting

  • Friday, Dec. 16: DISTRICTWIDE EARLY RELEASE – Early Release times for each school are online at:

  • Monday, Dec. 19-Monday, Jan. 2: NO SCHOOL WINTER BREAK

  • Tuesday, Jan. 3: School resumes

What’s new at the Foundation for Edmonds School District

For all the details and to learn more about the foundation’s mission, watch their video

  • Scholarship applications:
    Scholarships are open for all senior students graduating from the Edmonds School District in 2023. Visit our website for scholarship descriptions, award criteria, and the application portal.

  • Save the date:
    The annual “A Recipe for Success!” breakfast will take place at 7 a.m. Friday, March 24. See our website for more details.

Campbell Auto Group & Mercedes-Benz of Lynnwood Invite you to join us! March 24th, 2023. A Recipe for Success! Annual Breakfast. Add a cup of YOU to the Recipe for education. For more information go to Shaping Students' Futures!