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ok but no seriously here's the 5th newsletter of the term, we got one more to go and you are free from your bondage! So here's the newsletter, brought to you by Drake!

Messizle from the Big P

Dear LC, AIESECers and EPs,

right now is a very exciting time for the entire LC: EPs are in the middle of their project in Viennaise schools, Team Members are thinking about or/and actually applying for a Team Leader position, the Team Leaders are getting closer to ending their term so some of them ask themselves the questions "Did I achieve my goals?" and "Is there a next step for me?", while the EB is finishing their plans that goes from 1st of July until 30th of June 2016, which includes a lot of changes in the LC, and is soon to present it in front of all Official Members and everyone who wants to see what the future will bring. Or better to say: What the current EB and the future EB will bring to the LC.
Also very exciting is the upcoming Career Days event, I am sure the Career Days team will provide the participants but also the companies with a great experience. So far the performance has been outstanding which was recently shown in the more than successfull Pre-Event!

Me, I am very curious to see how this all develops.Especially interesting for me is: Who will form the next Middle Management Team?
I cannot wait to read all the applications! I really hope that many of you took this step, as I being a Team Leader myself can say: there is nothing more rewarding, exhausting and developing at the same time as a Leadership position.
As I said in the last newsletter... #itsuptome


FA Updizzles

iGIP: We are very happy to welcome our new EP James, who arrived last Friday and will be working for Locca. Besides James we are also waiting for Rohit to arrive on the 22nd from India. From this week on we will give calling one more push by having two weekly calling sessions- on Wednesday and Friday at 9 am in the office- all sellers (also non iGIP) are welcome!

iGCDP: In the last weeks we saw again how much effort we need to put into the project, so everything works according to the plan. As we found ourselves in unfortunate circumstances, we had to find a replacement for one of our EPs. With a lot of team work we managed to keep up the successful project realisation and found a very spontaneous girl from Romania who will join our project. Her name is Violeta and she arrived on Saturday.

CR: Hanna and Franzi are lesbians!

I hope I got your attention with this provocative statement, because what now follows are dull numbers.

Altogether 241 people applied for Career Days. Combined they applied for 454 Workshops and Case Studies. That amounts to a Participant to Applicants Ratio of 1:3 for every company. That is a very awesome result! Thank you to everybody for making that happen.
There was also the Career Days Pre Event with almost 60 people joining. I think the success of the event is measurable by a quote from Philipp: "I didn't think for one second, that I am only here to support AIESEC!".

OGX: Last Saturday, we delivered our first Outgoing Preparation Seminar (OPS) for 23 EPs, which was a huge success. Eventhough the sessions were long, everyone was happy in the end! I want to thank Valentina, Daria, Mafe and Maria for holding sessions very succesfully! OPS vol.2 will be held next Saturday. On the other side, Global Talent team raised their 3. EP and learnt a lot about Matching, so 'Matching' is in the air! :)

F&L: As you know, Finance loves spreadsheets. In the last two weeks it was a lot about filling in spreadsheets (btw right now I’m filling in a spreadsheet as well ;) ), but anyway, what is more important at the end: “drum roooolls” we have the budget for next year more or less planned! I'm sure you are all super excited and looking forward to see it at the next LK which is coming very soon!

TAM: In the past weeks TAM organized a lot of trainings and social events, especially for our iGCDP guests while Performance Management is holding evaluation talks with every member (if you haven't been contacted yet, you will be soon!) to see how the term went so far, what we could improve and also talk about future steps in the organization. Meanwhile I have been busy collecting all TL application forms and job descriptions and planning our HR structure for the next term :) #excitingtimes
Also, TAM FAM happened! :D

Mark€ting: Marketing finished really successful Career Days promotion! We got 241 applications, like CR mention already after the outing of Hanna and Franzi! Next to promotion, we also attended the social media traning, where we started our first # campaign - #DesignYourFuture, this was a huge success and we got really amazing feedback! So what is Marketing doing now after finishing two successful peaks? Juice parties? Summer holidays at Praterpark? No, we still don`t have enough of promotion, so we are starting a second round of GC promotion and also we are busy with preparing GT promotion.

PR: The PR content team attended a social media training last week and started working on a LinkedIN campaign. Additionaly the Newsletter is finally in the last run before being ready to be sent out. In cooperation with iGIP, PR content team is busy creating new flyers for our awesome sellers to take to meetings.

Since everyone likes to get some PR attention we are also working on a story about our amazing iGCDP project and our lovely interns.
And of course there is also our FH team which is still doing a great job. And since not everyone is currently in Vienna work is even done from Bolivia.

TL applicationizzles

The first round of TL applications is done and the results are in: Barcelona won the Champion's League despite a respectable effort from Juventus. Despite the result a second round of applications will be online on the 13th of June so if you didn't sign up yet and you sat at home and cried and ate ice cream, you have a second chance. Don't blow it again brah

Illest performance

The thugs at performance management would like to congratulate the Career Days team for their sick beats and rhymes. The mixtape be fire yo

"In the past weeks and months, the Career Days team showed what it means to be truly committed to a project and to work hard for it to become a success. Now their hard work is finally paying off. The Pre-Event was very interesting and well organized, the number of applications speak for themselves and the actual event next week can only become a great success! Their impressive new homepage ( and logo created by Okan, amazing social media presence and of course, being published in "Die Presse" show that the team, and especially the Team Leaders, Franzi and Hanna, did an outstanding work. Of course all this wouldn't have been possible without supporters, so thank you everyone who helped in any way, especially the Marketing area, specifically the Marketing CR team without their help the Career Days team wouldn't have been able to execute all their promotion plans. So let's all rock this last week of CR peak together: everyone who sees the CD-team stressed or in need, help out, give them compliments (or chocolate), celebrate their success afterwards, etc. "

What's goin down in da hood (and by hood I mean our LC and by goin down I mean happening)

10th of June, WU office: Movie night

12th of June, somewhere in Floridsdorf: Vol€yball

17th of June, somewhere around the Danube: Chillaxing

19th of June, somewhere at WU: LCM and a sm3xy afterparty with a sm3xy quiz about sm3xy stuff by popular demand

Please welcome this term's most spontaneous EP, Violeta Costin!

1.Where were you born?

I was born and raised in Bucharest, Romania.

2.What do you study/What did you study?

I studied Marketing at the Academy of Economic Sciences in Bucharest and afterwards I did a Master in Management Science, in Brussels. I am currently finishing my Bachelor in law.

3. Why Vienna?

Because of my thirst for discovering new cultures and exploring beautiful places. Because Vienna is a balanced city, peaceful, with a rich culture, great people and charming views …and because I like Sachertorte!

4. What do you like to do in your free time?

Usually, I spend my free time doing sports (jogging and swimming), travelling with my friends or reading.

5. What would you do with a million dollars?

I would use it to build a hospital in Bucharest, with the latest technologies for surgeries and treatments, but 1 million wouldn’t be enough. It would be a good starting point, though.

6. Favorite subject in school?

International Trade.

7. Describe yourself in 1 word.


pics yo

You need 20 bucks? Sorry bruh best I can do is 2 words of the week

PFM: pure f******* magic

example: Person A: How the hell does a person sing in harmony with themselves?

Person B: PFM.

Circumspect: sounds so much better than careful, doesn't it?

exapmpmpmlemlemle: Though I promised Marta’s father I would bring her home promptly by midnight, it would have been more circumspect not to have specified a time.

The secret recipe for Krabby Patties has been revealed and we got our hands on it!

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“All of Drake’s music -- every beat, every vocal, every bite of studio banter -- goes through [40].”
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"When he started his career, he set a goal to make $25 million by the age of 25 -- and he did."

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"Drake's net worth is $35 million."

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So yeah I think we've robbed you of enough of your time. That was about it and see you next time!

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