Why to visit Aruba

By:Ryley Besler

History of Aruba and Background Information

Aruba was controlled by the Dutch until January 1, 1986. The official language is Dutch but you will hear English and Spanish. The major cities in Aruba besides the capital Oranjestad are Babijn, Anrasji, Angochi, and Noord. The flag of Aruba was adopted in March 18, 1976 and the design consist of a solid light blue with two narrow parrallel horizontal yellow stripes in the bottom half and a four-pointed white fimbriated red star in top left corner.

Arubas' Geographical Information

Aruba is located 90 miles north of the coast Venezuela. Aruba is known for many geographical features so here some are. Mountain Jamanota the highest point on the entire island and visible from any spot on the island. Eagle Beach in the capital Oranjestad the beach is known for the soft white sand and rated one of the best beaches in the world. The Natural Bridge was a common tourists attraction until coastal erosion split the bridge in half but the tourists view the baby bridge and the ruins of the Natural Bridge still. To the right is the ruins from coastal erosion of the Natural Bridge.

Political and Economic Information

Aruba's government is a constitutional monarchy and the prime minister is Mike Eman the 5th prime minister. The currency is a Aruban florin so for ever American dollar is 1.79 florins. The economic system is capitalism. Down at the bottom is a Aruban florin.

Tourists Information

The reason you should visit Aruba is because it is a unique story behind everything and the geographical features are irreplaceable to see. And when you visit Aruba you should visit the Noord one of the major cities in Aruba because of the fantastic beaches, the snorkeling tours to the shipwreck, the casinos, and golfs courses. To the right is the German shipwreck that you can snorkel to see in Noord.

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