Ohio River Flood 1937

January 13th- February 5th

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The flood spread from Cairo, Illinois to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Rivers Included

The only river involved was the Ohio River

Size of are affected

Damages from Cairo, Illinois to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Flood control measures that were in place

There were no flood control measures.


The recovery included the federal government below President FDR , sent out thousands of WPA workers to help rescue and help the recovery. Also there were 500 million dollars in damages which would have been 8 million dollars today.
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Additional Facts

  • The Army Corp of engineers dispatched an entire fleet down the Cumberland River for rescue and relief.
  • Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky were all affected.
  • Bridges were too low to send recovery ships through there.


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January 5: Water levels began to rise.

January 10–18: Numerous flood warnings were issued across much of the region.

January 13–24: Near record rainfalls were recorded.

January 18: Numerous homes were flooded as the Ohio River started to overflow its banks due to the heavy rains.

January 23–24: Martial law was declared in Evansville, Indiana, where the water level was at 54 feet

January 26: River gauge levels reached 80 feet in Cincinnati, the highest level in the city's history.

January 27: River gauge reached 57 feet (17 m) in the Louisville area, setting a new record. Seventy percent of the city was under water at that time.

February 2: River gauge reached over 60 feet in Paducah, Kentucky.

February 5: Water levels fell below the flood stage for the first time in nearly three weeks in several regions.

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