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Dutch Fork Elementary The Academy of Environmental Sciences, Title I


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Environmental Fair Updates

We have started our work for the Environmental Science Fair. All of the work for the Environmental Science Fair is being done in class. Each project is focused on something that will help our school, community, or world a better place with a connection to the environment. This week and next week we worked on Task 1 and 2.

Task 1: Determine a group based on similar interests, prepare science journal, decide on a topic, and conduct research.

Task 2: Develop a testable question or problem, develop a purpose, develop a hypothesis, generate a materials list, and list procedures.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor to a science group please email our resident


As writers, we've continued to spend lots of time investigating new ways to generate stories about our lives. Additionally, we've been working on enhancing our stories by adding our thoughts, feelings, and actions. This week, students will work on drafting one of the stories they'd like to publish, and we'll continue to work on "stretching small moments" and "showing and not telling" as we write our stories.

Hopefully, you've been hearing a lot about the westward expansion of the U.S. during the late 1800s. Last week, we became better readers by investigating informational articles about westward expansion while using close reading and coding the text strategies to identify the articles' main ideas.

Math & Science


Whew! We have been working very hard as mathematicians. Chapter 5 which was centered around adding and subtracting decimals has just ended. Within this chapter we focused on rounding decimals, estimating sums and differences, determining whether we need an estimate or an exact answer, and learning different strategies to add and subtract decimals. This week we started Chapter 2 which is all about Multiplication. The first lessons we will be investigating are prime factorization, and powers/ exponents. Please make sure your mathematician is practicing their multiplication facts daily. I am so proud of the perseverance that I see in math workshop.


As scientists we are still inquiring in our Landforms and Oceans Unit of Study. Last week we started exploring the ocean floor. The ocean floor is made up of many different parts such as the continental shelf/slope, mid-ocean ridge, deep ocean basin, and many other parts. This week we will beginn to compare and contrast oceanic and continental landforms. Please make sure scientists are studying their science notebooks daily.

Testing as a Genre

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Author Showcase

All About Carlos


  • He likes red

  • He likes football

  • He likes dogs

  • He likes Hibachi Grill

  • He likes Tropical Islands

  • He likes to draw and play football in free time

  • He has a Mom,Dad,Uncle,Aunt,baby cousin and 4 more

  • He likes to read Wonder

  • He was born April 14

  • He wants to be a football player

All About Amarey

Hi,My name is Cara.I am going to tell all about my classmate Amarey Aiken.Here are somethings about Amarey.

His Family Members

Mom:April,Dad: Simmeon,Brothers:Khalil,Savyon,Ahmod

His Favorite Colors

Purple and Blue

The Day he was born

December 8, 2004

His Favorite Subject


His Favorite singer/band

Rascal Flatts

His likes Basketball

His loves Youtube

He likes the book Believe It or Not: By Ripley

His favorite food is Pizza

He loves Disneyland

He loves CiCi’s Pizza