The invention of the Harrow

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The Harrow

A spring-tooth harrow, sometimes called a drag harrow, is a type of tine harrow, and is a wayy outdated piece of farm equipment. It uses a bunch of little flexible iron teeth put in rows to loosen soil before planting crops. It's set in the ground and raised manually and cannot be backed up; so it has been replaced by more modern farm things like the chisel plow and field cultivator.

Different Types of Harrows

Different Types of Harrows

SPRING HARROW : This type of harrow is an older style. It isn’t used very often. It uses flexible iron teeth that are put in rows to loosen up the soil to rip it up and get it ready for planting. This type of equipment is usually adjusted by hand.

ROLLER HARROW : We use roller harrows to prepare soil for seed planting. They are supposed to crush the soil and break up any clumps of dirt. Usually this type of narrow is used following a spring harrow.

CHAIN HARROW : We use chain harrows to spread out the soil so it gets more air. Also to lift things off the ground, and to help spread out stuff in the field. Sometimes they to cover seed, and loosen packed soil. Chain harrows are commonly used in baseball diamonds and landscaping. They can also be used to break up chunks of fertilizer.