What do you know about EduPaths?

TRIG/MDE invites you to check us out!

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What is EduPaths?

We just celebrated Digital Learning Day on February 17 and launched a new, free, digital learning platform for educators!!

EduPaths is a free professional development portal for all Michigan educators. Courses are short, self-paced, and offered for SCECHs. There are a variety of choices and we are adding more regularly.

Check out our Calendar! It will point you to Online, Blended, and In-Personal Professional Development with our statewide partners.

#EduPathsDLD EduPaths is part of the Technology Readiness Infrastructure Grant (TRIG) funded by the Michigan Department of Education, aligned with Michigan's School Improvement Framework as well as multitiered systems of support.

Check us out at https://edupaths.org . Join us TODAY!

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