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November 11, 2022

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This newsletter was created by Hannah Fuller and Jes Wills with contributions from U-32 staff. If you have questions, please email either hfuller@u32.org or jwills@u32.org.

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Helpful Information


Canvas PLP courses- all students and families have been invited to grade level PLP courses. There is a lot of info on these pages so we hope you will check them out.

Naviance - Naviance helps U-32 students explore post high school planning options, build a resume, manage timelines and deadlines for making decisions about colleges and careers. This is also where all of the scholarship opportunities are housed. Each student will work with his/her TA and school counselor in Naviance to create his/her Personalized Learning Plans (PLPs). If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it yourself. If you have misplaced your registration code, please notify Student Services.


Report Card Dates for 2022-2023

Semester 1 Due electronically Date available to Students

Quarter 1 HS/MS Progress Report Tuesday, Nov 1st 3pm, Thurs, November 3, 2022

Quarter 2 HS/MS Report Cards Thurs, Jan 19th 3pm Monday, January 23, 2023

Semester 2

Quarter 3 HS/MS Progress Report Thurs, Apr 6th 3pm Monday, April 10, 2023

Quarter 4 HS/MS Report Cards TBA mailed pending snow days

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Raiders Alpine Ski team

Many may not know this but U32 does in fact have an Alpine Racing team here at U32. And we are looking for students interested in competing and participating in this super fun sport.

-Our practices begin on Monday the 28th of November for some dryland training and conditioning, and then mid to end of December we begin at Bolton. Practice for dry land will happen right after school and students can take the late bus home. When we practice at Bolton practice will begin at 4/4:30 until 6/6:30 each day.

-Once the snow flies we practice at Bolton twice a week, no pass needed!! We are currently working on transportation for practices at Bolton and I will keep you posted as to how this is coming along. In years past students were responsible for getting themselves to practice and home. We also have a few new things this year.

-We have joined forces with Slopestyle for our racers to receive a Season pass for tuning their equipment at only $100.00. Usually this would cost $75.00 each time. I would need to know how many students would be interested in this ASAP so I can communicate with Slope Style and they can be ready for us.

-Our meets this year we have 7 on the books right now. Some of them happen afterschool at Cochran’s ski area, and a few of them happen during a school day at either Jay peak, Burke, Smuggs, or Middlebury snow bowl.

-There will be transportation for each of the meets.

-You will need your own skis, poles, boots, and helmets. Each race, skiers are required to have Hard Ear helmets. The face guards are optional but recommended for Slalom races. We have several hard ear helmets we can lend out at each race, but no face guards.

We will have a coaches meeting at some point in November so stay on the lookout for an

announcement from the AD. I would like to foster a family culture this year with more participation, and help from parents, providing snacks, and warm up stuff as well as a cheering section for our athletes during race days.

If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me


Brian Fischer

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WHEN IS EVERYTHING DUE? Senior photo, quote, farewell and younger photos are due by November 23, 2022. This is a hard deadline so please submit your photos on time.

WHAT ARE THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE PHOTO? The Yearbook staff will only accept VERTICAL PHOTOS that are 300 DPI (minimum 1200x1800 dpi) or better to ensure a clear and high-quality photo.

Submitting a vertical photo will prevent undesirable cropping. Please avoid photos from webcams, taken directly from social media platforms, or screenshots. The digital quality will not be high enough and it will not be used. You will receive a confirmation email from Josten's when you upload your photo.

WHAT ARE THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE QUOTE? Senior quotes must be school-appropriate and limited to 200 CHARACTERS (including spaces and punctuations). The yearbook staff reserves the right to deny/edit any quote that we deem is inappropriate or too long. Please note that all quotes will only be used if you have authenticated approval—either public domain or permission from the author.

WHAT ARE THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE FAREWELL? Senior Farewells must be school-appropriate and limited to 150 WORDS. The yearbook staff reserves the right to deny/edit any farewell that we deem is inappropriate or too long.

WHAT ARE THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE YOUNG PHOTO? PHOTOS that are 300 DPI (minimum 1200x1800 dpi) or better to ensure a clear and high-quality photo are our preference, but we understand that this might not be possible and will work with what you have. If you need to have your younger photo scanned, please bring your photo to Sara Wolf in the technology office.

WHAT IS APPROPRIATE FOR PHOTOS AND WORDS? Both photos and written words submitted to the yearbook staff will be revised or deleted subject to the following criteria: References to drugs, alcohol, language detrimental to others, or any use of profanity will not be allowed. Yearbook advisors and administration have final approval of all materials submitted for the yearbook.

HOW DO YOU SUBMIT EVERYTHING? SENIOR PHOTO: Your Senior Photo only must be submitted directly to Jostens. Please click on the link below and follow the instructions. You will receive a confirmation email from Josten's when you upload your photo.LINK TO SUBMIT SENIOR PHOTOS

WORDS AND YOUNGER PHOTO: Submit your Senior Quote, Farewell, and a Younger Photo (JPEG), please fill out this GOOGLE SURVEY


Yearbook Ad (Family Dedication) is due by January 31, 2023. This is a hard deadline so please submit on time. You will create your own ad through Jostens. In order to create a senior recognition, click on the link below and follow the instructions. LINK TO SUBMIT SENIOR RECOGNITION


Purchase your yearbook early! You can customize it!

If you purchase your yearbook before October 21, 2022: the yearbook will be $30.00 and Icons are free. If you purchase your yearbook between October 22, 2022 and December 31, 2022 the yearbook will be $30.00 before customizing. If you purchase your yearbook after December 31, 2021, the yearbook will be $35.00.

BUY YEARBOOKS HERE: LINK TO PURCHASE YOUR YEARBOOK This link also allows you to order graduation packages, class jewelry and more! The school store is not available at this time.

Or you can purchase your yearbook from Sara Wolf in the technology office. Cash or check made payable to U-32.

If you have any questions, please find one of us at school, contact us at yearbook@u32.org or call Sara Wolf at 802-229-0321 ext 5107.

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U-32 NEW Club Resources

U-32 offers a large variety of clubs to its students. We are excited to share our two new sites that showcase the clubs for both Middle School and High School. Click on the links to see the live sites and preview them through the images below.



Want to make a difference?

We still have plenty of opportunities in Washington Central! Visit the job openings section of our website or www.schoolspring.com to learn more.

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Affordable Connectivity Program

Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). This federal program provides a discount of up to $30 per month toward internet service for eligible households. Some Vermont companies are even offering free internet service for people claiming the ACP. The Department of Public Service has information on how families can sign up for the program. Also, on the US DOE Office of Educational Technology program page, is a helpful eligibility verification letter template for students and their families.
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Changemakers Class

We are representatives from the Changemakers class (an elective class about activism).

We are doing a project to get free menstrual products available in school bathrooms for those who need them. Other schools around the state and country have been doing this as well. It recently became Vermont law that menstrual products must be provided to students at no cost.

Menstrual hygiene is a human right, and this is a very important milestone for our school.

Starting soon, there will be free menstrual products in the gendered women’s bathrooms and the non-gendered bathrooms (including single-stall bathrooms).

Additionally, students will still be able to get free menstrual products from the nurse’s office.

You will be able to find products in the nurses’ office and with Sue Verchereau to take home. Additionally, TAs will soon have bags with menstrual products available for you.

Please respect these products. They are not meant for vandalism, so just take what you need and leave the rest. If you see anyone misusing these products, be an upstander and talk to J.B., Jes, your TA, or another trusted adult in the building.

We are so grateful to our custodial staff for working with us and making this project possible.

If you have thoughts or feedback on this that you would like to share, you can do so by completing this anonymous form.


The Changemakers Class of 2022

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Staff Spotlight

MEET: Jodi Slade

1. What is your role at U-32?

I am a paraeducator at U32 in the 9th and 10th grades.

2. What do you love about U-32?

I love that U32 is accepting of all students for who they are. U32 also encourages the independence of each student.

3. What is a fun fact about you that many people do not know?

I rode in a helicopter for the first time on a recent trip to Hawaii, and found that it wasn't scary at all (I was terrified of the idea prior to doing it). I loved it!

4. What is the last book you read?

The last book I read (aside from the books assigned in U32 classes) was a biography by Walter Isaacson about Leonardo Da Vinci.

5. What is a hobby of yours?

One hobby of mine is macro photography.

6. What is on your travel bucket list?

My travel bucket list: While I would travel anywhere, some places I would like to see are New Zealand, Greece, Spain, and anywhere in South America.

7. Are you currently binge-watching any shows?

Handmaid's Tale

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Staff Spotlight

MEET: Sue Verchereau

1. What is your role at U-32?

I am the Administrative Assistant to Amy Molina, Co-Coordinator of the Washington, DC Trip, Support Staff to the Theater Department, Web Master and Transportation Coordinator for the WCUUSD.

2. What do you love about U-32?

There are so many things that I love about U-32. I am the type of person who needs to be busy and I am definitely that. I love working with the students and helping them become responsible, self-sufficient individuals who feel like they fit in.

3. What is a fun fact about you that many people do not know?

I am a person who needs to be doing things so I am a Tenor in Rock City (a local rock choir), I am a potter working out of the Mud Studio in Waterbury and I teach Water Aerobics at GMCF.

4. What is the last book you read?

"Leave the World Behind: a Novel" by Rumaan Alam

5. What is a hobby of yours?

I enjoy crocheting, sewing, cooking and gravel biking.

6. What is on your travel bucket list?

I would love to go back to The Czech Republic and Scotland with a group of adults.

7. Are you currently binge-watching any shows?

I am not much of a TV watcher. When I do watch, it is almost always public television or Brit Box. I am currently enjoying "Shetland".

News from Student Services

Looking for an alternative to college?

VSAC is a fantastic resource for college and non college bound students www.vsac.org

VT DOL Apprenticeship Site - This Web site features detailed information on Vermont Registered Apprenticeships, employer-sponsored training programs that offer both supervised work experience and related instruction.

https://labor.vermont.gov/workforce-development/job-training-education-and-apprenticeship/apprenticeship or https://www.apprenticeship.gov/

Scholarship Opportunities

The U-32 Student Services Office strongly urges all students and parents to frequent the scholarship section on the Naviance Family Connection site. Scholarships are updated weekly.

Not All Colleges and Universities Require SATs/ACTs

Not all admissions processes are created equal. One major point of difference among colleges these days is how admissions officers consider your SAT scores. More schools are de-emphasizing SAT scores as part of your application with “test optional” and “test flexible” policies. One college has even eliminated SAT scores completely!

There are now over 800 accredited, bachelor-degree granting institutions that have changed their approach to standardized test scores. (Keep in mind that the majority of colleges, especially the more prestigious schools, do still require and strongly consider your SAT scores.) Let’s take a look at the different policies and which schools no longer require applicants to submit their scores for admission. Go to www.fairtest.org for more info

DUAL ENROLLMENT: Vermont high school juniors and seniors can take one FREE college class during their junior and senior year. Dual enrollment gives students the opportunity to experience college while still in high school, and they can earn credit toward a college degree (saving hundreds of dollars in tuition fees).

Learn more about dual enrollment at http://www.vtdualenrollment.org/

To create an account and apply for a dual enrollment voucher, go to:


PSAT Results

All juniors took the PSAT on Wednesday, October 14, 2020 at U-32. Student scores will be available to students online in mid-December. U-32 Student Services will share a brief presentation virtually to help the students interpret their scores. Each student will receive his/her test booklet and test scores. Students should use their test booklet and scores to help prepare for taking the SAT in the spring. College bound juniors can take the SAT (or ACT) in the spring of their junior year. During the virtual presentation students will learn about matching their PSAT scores to Khan Academy for a personalized study plan.

PreACTs Results

All sophomores that took the PreACT on October 12th, 2022 will receive their score report on Wednesday, November 9th in TA. Student Services will share a brief presentation virtually to help the students interpret their scores. Each student will receive his/her test booklet and test scores. Students should use their test booklet and scores to help prepare for taking the ACT in the future.

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College Calendar and Checklist for Seniors

(see the 12th Gr PLP Course in Canvas for future months)

(Juniors, please see the Junior planning calendar in the 11th grade PLP Canvas Course)


  • Check with your teachers, coaches, and/or TA to ensure that letters of recommendation are sent on time.

  • Meet with college representatives virtually.

  • Submit applications for colleges with “rolling” deadlines as soon as possible.

  • Keep polishing your essay.

  • Continue to attend meetings with college representations.

  • Check in with your counselor.

  • Remember; Colleges take senior grades seriously.


  • U-32 Alumni College Fair & Panel

  • Put the finishing touches on your essay. Be sure to proofread!

  • Try to wrap up applications before winter break. Photocopy all application materials before sending them in.

  • Send standardized test scores to your colleges. It can be done electronically at collegeboard.com or by phone at 800-SAT-SCORE.

  • Early Decision and Early Action letters start arriving this month. Check with individual schools to confirm dates. Good luck!

  • Regular applicants: call admissions offices to set up interviews if needed.

  • Complete CSS Profile if you haven’t already done so

  • Check in with your Counselor.


  • January 18: Start of Quarter 3.

  • Students admitted by Early Decision must withdraw applications to other schools. Deferred students should consider sending in additional letters of recommendation and other supplementary materials.

  • Talk to friends home from college on break.

  • Where possible, set up interviews with admissions officers or alumni interviewers.

  • Check in with your Counselor.

Race against Racism Event: Montpelier High School

My name is Diya Kulkarni, a junior at Montpelier High School and I am reaching out on behalf of Montpelier High School’s Club Action to invite you to participate in one of our main events in the spring: Race Against Racism. This race, which also has a rally, helps bring awareness and action toward racial justice in Vermont. Our goal this year is to be able to hold this event on the State House lawn, and for that to happen, we need student groups and sports teams from around the state to attend. Our first group meeting to start is Sunday, November 13th!

Meetings will once a month at Montpelier High School with a zoom option to make it as accessible as possible. Being a part of the organization of the event is also a great way to meet new people who are passionate about racial justice. If this sounds like something you want to do, please reach out to us and let us know. Also please feel free to reach out to me with any questions beforehand!

More details will be shared at our first meeting, we hope to see you there!


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Jr. Instructor Program at Sugarbush Ski and Ride

Greetings from Sugarbush Ski and Ride School

The is to make you aware of a unique opportunity for your students ages 14-17.

We have a wonderful Jr. Instructor program at Sugarbush that introduces teenagers to the amazing Snow sports industry. This program is designed to coach teenagers in all aspects of teaching children to ski or ride. They are teamed up to work alongside an experienced ski or ride coach. Through training and the many partnerships with experienced coaches, a Jr. Instructor learns qualities of a good instructor/coach. Topics such as risk management, safety protocol, group handling skills, ski & ride technique fundamentals, information delivery, public speaking skills, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, creating a learning environment, physical preparation, nutrition & hydration, keeping things fun, creating adventure, creating memorable experiences, helping develop positive attitudes, being reliable, being timely, being prepared, staying focused, and checking for understanding are just some of what they will learn. These are all extremely important "life skills" that will help them in whatever direction they choose to go in life.

This program will provide them with a Season Pass, employee benefits and discounts, training, camaraderie, lifelong friendships, rewarding experiences, and pays $15.00 an hour. Attached is a detailed description of this program, please share this info with students you feel would truly enjoy this opportunity and are passionate about skiing & riding.

Thank you so much for your time. If you have any questions, please email me.

J.Lynn Cleveland

Jr. Instructor Supervisor Ski and Ride School

1840 Sugarbush Access Road / Warren, Vermont 05674

(t) 802.583.6872

JCleveland@sugarbush.com / www.sugarbush.com

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Vermont Science Olympiad - Teams Wanted!

Vermont Science Olympiad - Join Us for a Day of Science Competition & Fun!

Science Olympiad is designed to help youth build STEM skills and understanding through inquiry-based challenges. It touches every letter in STEM and aligns with Next Generation Science Standards, allowing educators to extend their science curriculum with engaged learners.

-UVM will be hosting the Vermont Science Olympiad on Saturday, April 1, 2023, and we are looking for high school teams to join us for this exciting day of science competition!

-While April is a long way off, you need to start building your team now. What does that mean? What does that look like?

-We have experienced coaches willing to help you get your started. And, just know, it doesn't have to be a huge commitment.

The best advice I have heard to date is ..... Just give it a try! Get your team started with just a few events. Try the events that are test based as you dip your toes into the world of Science Olympiad.

This year we will be hosting the following events categories:

  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Astronomy
  • Bridge
  • Cell Biology
  • Codebusters
  • Disease Detective
  • Dynamic Planet
  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Experimental Design
  • Forensics
  • Forestry
  • Green Generation
  • Remote Sensing
  • Scrambler
  • Trajectory
  • Write It, Do It

Please reach out if you are interested in getting a team started.

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