Credit Card Tips:

Highschool Graduates and College Beginners.

10 Tips for Good Credit and General Credit Card Tips.

10 Tips to Good Use.

1. Pay Down Debts You've Racked up in College.

60% of graduates use plastic, (Credit Cards.) Pay off you debts that you may owe on your credit cards so you never have an outstanding debt balance. Having a negative balance can hurt your credit.

2. Create a Budget and Stick to it.

Keep your budget at a reasonable goal. Don't go over your budget when you're buying things. Keep under your limit unless of a true emergency. Try to stay under the limit to have money on the side.

3. Leave it at Home.

Leave your credit card at home unless you absolutely need it. Temptation can catch people off guard. Many younger adults know that if they see something they want and have a credit card on them they will buy it.

4. Don't Apply for Several Credit Cards at Once.

If you apply for to many credit cards at once then your credit score will begin to fall.

5. Are There any Rewards you can Apply for?

See if you have credit rewards to apply for. They can help you buy things.

6. Pay your Bills on Time.

Doing this will help your credit. Don't let the bank see that you're late on payments, even if they're small.

7. Check your Credit Report Regularly.

Doing this will help you see if you need to bring up your credit score.

8. Avoid big Ticket Buys.

Don't make big buys while you're starting college. Start of simple and once you've graduated then start to possibly look at bigger buys.

9. Pay off Balance each Month.

You don't want to have overdraft fees. Mae sure everything is payed off before you get charged with more.

10. Possibly use credit for set Expenses.

Don't quit using your credit card all together. Partially using your card will help you with your credit score and begin making a created history.

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