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December Updates

2021-2022 Crownover Counselors

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Growing Strong Hearts and Strong Minds

The Denton ISD Counseling and Social Work Department is committed to supporting and investing in the social and emotional well-being of our students, staff, and community.

Should you need assistance for your child, please reach out to your child's school counselor via e-mail. If mental health concerns are in need of urgent attention, please dial 911.

Helping in a time of need

We all need a little help, support and encouragement at times. The RCMS counselors are here to help students and their families in any way we can. We also know our students and families help us when we are in need. After watching this video, remember...sometimes your the baby squirrel, sometimes you the big squirrel and sometimes your just a helpful stranger in the crowd. Happy holidays from us to you!
Try to do

Need to see a counselor about any academic or social and emotional needs?

In order to provide the best support to our students, families and staff, the counseling department has created a google form for students and parents to use to request to see a counselor. This form can be completed using the link below which is also found in every teachers classroom and on the RCMS counseling page.

Ms. Garza's Tip of the Month

Self Care

2021 is coming to a close and before you know it, we will be at home celebrating the holiday season with our family and friends. There are a lot of good things that happen during this season, but for some, things might not be all good all the time. Remember to take care of yourself. We can only change the things that are under our control, and the only thing that is in our control is ourselves. So watch that show you’ve been meaning to binge, read a book, take a walk, listen to music. Do the things that make you happy and enjoy your time off!

Important Dates and Events for November 2021

DISD/Crownover Calendar Dates

December 2nd - November Student of the Month announcement

December 13th - 17th - No intervention schedule; 8 period classes all week

December 16th & 17th -1/2 Day for Students

December 20th - January 5th - Winter Break/No School

Crownover Counseling Dates and Events

December 7th - Counselors in 7th grade Texas History - Registration for 22-23 School Year

December 7th - Parent zoom at 6:00 for current 7th grade students (Course Registration Info)

December 10th - Courses for rising 8th graders (current 7th graders) due in HAC and course card due to Texas History Teacher

Rising 8th Grade Course Registration Parent Zoom

Tuesday, Dec. 7th, 6pm

This is an online event.

The Crownover counseling team will host a zoom presentation for all current 7th grade parents to review 2022-2023 course registration information. On Tuesday, December 7th counselors will be working with students in Texas History classes to discuss course options, credit requirements, how to register through HAC. We invite parents to join us that evening at 6:00pm for a zoom to review this information so you can help you student make the best decisions for their future coursework. Please use the zoom link below to join:

When: Tuesday, December 7th

When: 6:00 PM

How: Zoom

Meeting ID: 857 5593 4504

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Junta de Zoom para Registracion de Estudiantes Entrantes al 8º Grado

Tuesday, Dec. 7th, 6pm

This is an online event.

El equipo de consejería de Crownover ofrecerá una presentación ampliada para que todos los padres actuales de 7º grado revisen la información de inscripción a los cursos del 2022-2023. El martes 7 de diciembre, los consejeros trabajarán con los estudiantes en las clases de Historia para discutir las opciones de cursos, los requisitos de crédito y cómo registrarse a través de HAC. Invitamos a los padres a que se unan con nosotras esa noche a las 6:00 pm para hacer un zoom y revisar esta información para que pueda ayudar a su estudiante a tomar las mejores decisiones para sus futuros cursos. Utilice el enlace de zoom a continuación para unirse:

Cuando: Martes 7 de diciembre

Horario: 6:00 pm

Como: Via Zoom

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DISD Parent and Student Engagement Classes

Thursday, Dec. 2nd, 6-7pm

815 Cross Timber Street

Denton, TX

TOPIC: Love and Logic

All classes are held at Fred Moore High School


Thursday, Dec. 2nd, 6-7pm

815 Cross Timber Street

Denton, TX

TOPIC: Decision Making and Problem Solving

All classes are held at Fred Moore High School


Thursday, Dec. 2nd, 6-7pm

815 Cross Timber Street

Denton, TX

TOPIC: Adulting 101 (Students ONLY)

All classes are held at Fred Moore High School

College and Career Tips

December College Tip - Self Regulation

Students need to learn how to successfully manage difficult emotions and experiences in their life. These skills will be helpful to them in the future when they face obstacles. In this activity, student will be able to understand it is their responsibility to proactively and continuously monitor their emotional well-being.

At home activity:

  1. Ask you child to write answer the question "I feel stressed when...". You can have them say this out loud or write it down. Ask you child to do this for three different situations/experiences they find stressful.
  2. Play the "Two Minute Guided Meditation to Relive Stress" and ask your child how they are feeling physically and emotionally. Once the breathing exercise concludes, ask your child to share about that experience with you.
  3. Have your student read "For Teens: Creating Your Personal Stress Management Plan". Ask them to underline or highlight important words and phrases.
  4. Ask them to write four takeaways from the reading they can apply to their own life.

Student and Parent Resources

Free Breakfast and Lunch for ALL DISD Students

In the 2021-2022 school year, ALL DISD students are eligible for free breakfast and lunch, regardless of financial need.

If students are needing additional food and/or resources during school breaks, please contact Ms. Garza ( There are several organizations that help us with ensuring all students have food when needed.

Technology Status and Help

Due to the significant increase in use and dependence on district technology services, this page will provide the latest tech status updates to our families

Self-Help Desk -

If you need additional assistance, please email

Tech Status Link:

Social and Emotional Resources


SEL Activities for Middle/High School Students

We are excited to offer social and emotional learning activities and resources for Middle/High School students to do at home. DISD School Counselors have put together weekly SEL Activities for DISD families to take part in. Click here for more info!

SEL at Home for Parents/Guardians

Welcome! We hope you will consider some ideas on this site to help with your your own social and emotional needs. Click here for more info!