Killing Mr.Griffin

By: Lois Duncan


Three students Jeff, Betsy, and Mark are having trouble in Mr. Griffins English class. They don't want to fail another year. So they plan to kidnap Mr. Griffin to make him fair. They plan to do it on a school night. Mark influences class president David Ruggles to help them. David influences Susan McConnell to distract Mr. Griffin. Susan stayed after school to have a meeting with Mr. Griffin when no one else was there. After the meeting the went outside and the other 5 teenagers attacked him. They put a bag over his head and tied his hands where he cant get loose. They took him to the woods where no one could find him. They tried to get him to plead but Mr. griffin wouldn't. so the kids left him their till after the basketball game. when they were leaving to the car they found some pills and just threw it at Mr. Griffin. Susan and David came back to let Mr. griffin free but they found him dead. Susan and David went to the basketball game and told mark. Mark said they will all act like nothing even happened. The next day Mr. Griffins pregnant wife reported him missing. The last person that Mrs. Griffin knows he was with is Susan McConnell. So they want to talk with Susan McConnell.


Gabby Constancia

I would recommend this because it is really thrilling. I didn't have anything I didn't like about the book.